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March 8, 1963     Catholic Northwest Progress
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March 8, 1963

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Frlde , Mrch 8 1963 THE PROGRESS--S 00What It Takes To Make Saints ........... 'o'x 'Good' Catholic Man ldg, gp00MAnmA II00MI A in a Communist gov- "othernes,s" to someone else, everybody else is .] Hyp iti ,..-1 .t,d.V/ l Jarnrnnt minartans were recruited pinning otherness onyou. That is why the .................... , s OCT c for __.eth pr'msthood. He answered that such a world is the way it. m. Why not start with th s ) ' jv_---n*, m-- never enters the seminary, without a idea? Every mammA, resolve to deny yourself By Rev. John L. Thomas, S.& ] nmnlet total renouncement One day he during the day some little luxury worth a dime , Associate Professor, St. L:uls University [tl- ,/c700I . ...... ._.e and ..... " . }J  r,/W'f,  .  John Eekharl [ walks out of his home without telling a saul'and Make a like sacrifice daily; do it for the poor I m married to one of your 'good" Catholic men. He without saying goodbye to anyone, for no one in Asia... or Africa... or Oceania. At the ena uses me as a mistress, the house as a TV theater. He Our Neighbors To The South LATIN AMERICAN, THE ELEVENTH HOUR," by Gary Mac- Eoin, P. J. Kenery & Sons, 224 pp., $4.50. ow long the United States will be able to insure her "good neighbors" to the south as active and loving participants of the western world, is any- body's guess. Perhaps one of the best educated guesses that could be given, is presented by the author of this book. MacEoin has eminently ac- ceptable credentials, vast ex- perience in journalism, and in South American journalism in particular. But the good man has more than this going for him. He has the sharp mind and great good sense to look very deep into South American complexities, deeper than the usual "expert," or simple minded political analyst that has bought the usual trite claptrap that has been tra- ditionally accepted as the real "causes" of South Amer- ican unrest. This author understands our southern neighbors enough to know w h at really disturbs them, what they really want, and what they will do to get their wants satisfied. It hurts a little to read that much of our open-handed largesse to the south has only replaced capital that local big mitts had already stashed in Switzerland. Until we under- stand what the lowliest pea- sant understands about his own country, a good deal of our generous, but often misplaced, aid will go down the drain. It will hurt many to realize that the Church is not the vil- lain she is painted by the psuedo-liberals, pinkies, and outright Communists that run through the rat mazes south of the border. MacEoin points out the mistakes the C hu r c h has made, but he does not fail to indicate that the Church has been the pioneer of social progress in S o u t h America s i n c e the Jesuit "Reductions," of early his- tory. MacEoin shows how the Church, while associated in many instances with con- servative influences of the past, now slowly .leads the way in social reform. This, in the last importance analysis, will be the saving of By JOHN J. ECKHART Ave. Maria Press, 158 pp., $3.75. ather Rahm has writ- ten this book to further devotion to Our Lady of Guadalupe. In the book he approaches Our Lady's apparition from both historical and spiritual directions. He finds rich mean- ing in 'both areas, meaning enough for all who would lis-. ten. The author writes of Our Lady's obvious great love for the Americas, and the man- ifestation of that love that was her appearance to a poor and humble Indian, promising her continuing air to her children in the Amer- icas. We recommend this book for a better knowledge of Guad- alupe and Our Blessed Mother's message of the New World. The book itself, while this is not of importance, deserved a better printing format. South America for the West. ern Democracies. The author pleads for under- standing, deep and profound understanding, not the flip answers so readily provided by idiot fringe intellectuals based on the fool assumption that everyone should think just as we think. He asks for a greater per- son-to-person relationship and working partnership, material aid, with an associate attempt to bridge and appreciate cul- tural divergencies, and above all, I think he means, the sure knowledge th at these, our brothers, want and need our help and understanding. Mr. MacEoin presents a very good case before the bar of humanity. There is still time, but the HAVE NOTS of South America approach the llth hour. "AM I NOT HERE," by Harold R a h m, S.J., First Sorrowhd Mystery TI-I] AGONY IN THE GARDEN Our,S'Father Jesus imme with them to GethsemanL/ and he began to be saddened and ex- ceedingly troubled. Matt. 26:36, 37 Hail0000'00 Tl:aen he said to them, 'My sod is sad, even unto death./ Wait here and watch with me.' Matt. 26:38 Hail',. Mary And going forward a little, he fell on the ground,/ and began to pray. Mark 14:36 'Eather, if thou art willing, remove this cup from me;/ yet not my will but thine be done.' Luke 22:42 HailMary And there appeared to him an angel from heaven/, to strengthen him. Luke 22:43 Hail . Mary Peter (Poem by Rev. Earl LaBerge Continued from Page 4) His face was bruised and already swelling from the slaps. Peter saw .... and Jesus looked on him. His eyes caressed, absolved, end held him for the longest moment in Peter's life. Then they shoved Him on and out another way. Awful pain squeezed in Peter's stomach llke a giant hand. Its fincjers reached up inside and stuck in his throat so that he couldn't breathe. He gasped and ran as a flood came racing from his heart .... breakln9 into tears. He went out and wept bitterly. He never qot'the'ima'cje of the b;treyed 'Christ out of his eyes and that ]macje held him steadfast .... strong as a Rock .... all the days of his llfe. except, perhaps the day he almost fled from Rome. He was on his way .... in a hurry to escape .... when suddenly, Christ stood squarely in his path. I::rightened, only half-believlnq, he stammered, "Where ere You golncj?" And Jesus answered, "Back to Rome to be crucified." Then He was qone .... was it a dream .... did it ever happen? Who can say? We only know that Peter turned and walked back willincjly to his Calvary. He didn't walk alone. They nailed him" upside down. At la;t h; w"s sloulder to shoulder with Christ again. As the blood poured down into his brain and tlny shafts of thorns were sticking inside out, he closed his eyes and sew a hideous, meaty red. Then .... the Iovinq gaze in the courtyard. He concentrated on that and the familiar memory of sensation softened all the fears of the 9rowlncj dark. The pressure in his palms was the firm cjrasp of Christ holding his  hands. --Rev. Earl LaBerge can be trusted. He walks to the seminary, often a distance of 100 miles; there he assumes a new name, so that he cannot be traced. Not even the seminary officials know, his family name. @ Go now to another part of the world. We recently inquired of a bishop of Borneo concern- ing the spiritual lives of his primitive people. He told us that they quickly reached an eminent degree of sanctity, because when they entered the Church they put a period after their old lives rather than a comma. The old ways of living were completely broken off, leaving more room for the Lord. This is true also in other countries behind the Iron Curtain, where every Catholic lives ready for martyrdom. This brings up the question: What is it that makes a saint? It is always having something to do for Christ and the Church, something to give up for the spread of His Gospel--perhaps a neighbor to convert, someone sick to visit, some poor sinner to bring back to the Sacra- ments. A Borneo chief, whenever he assists at a board meeting in Australia, makes it a point to ask each of the members if they have prayed to God that day. A saint never has time on his hands. Thus, Our Lord was de- scribed as "always going about doing good." Fellow Catholics of the United States! Be not just "Sunday Catholics," but "Take-up-your Cross-daily-and-follow-Me-Catholics." Give your- self a Mission. Don't jtlst sit there making .,qcrq00tttral, 00Y00osar00 Part 6 And failing into an agony/ he prayed the more earnesdy. Luke 22:45 And his sweat became as drops of blood/ atoning down upon the ground. Luke 22:44 Hail,." Mary of the month, send the $3 to the Holy Father. He, knowing the Mission needs of the world better than anyone, will see that it goes where it is most needed. This he does through his Society for the Propagation of the Faith. GOD LOVE YOU to D.T. for $10 "In answer for a favor received".., to ].R.W. for $6.83 "'This represents savings from eat- ing some meals in a cafeteria instead of a good restaurant, on a recent business trip." P.A.D. for $5 "'Please accept this money which was given to me by my recently ordained cousin. The money was a gift to him; he gave it to me; I give it to you."... to F.M.C. for $6 "This is in thanksgiving." Are you on our Mission mailing list? Mission, you know, is the SPOF magazine containing arti- cles, anecdotes, cartoons and pictures which is published every two months by The Society for the Propagation of the Faith. Our March-April issue is a special issue, directed to American catholics. Won't you write in now and ask to be put on our list? A subscription is only a dollar. If you already subscribe, watch for this special issue. Cut out this column, pin your sacrifice to it and mail it to Most Rev. Fulton J. Sheen, National Director of the Society for the Propa- gation of the Faith, 366 5th Avenue, New York 1, N.Y., or your Archdiocesan Director, Rev. Stephen Szeman, 907 Terry Avenue, Seattle 4. Then he came to the disciples and found them sleeping./ , And he said, 'Could you not, then, watch one hour with me?' b' Hail ,.l [a'y ,Matt. 26:40 'Watch and pray,/ that you may not enter into temptation.' Matt. 26:41 Hail  Mary 'The spirit indeed is willing,/ but the flesh is weak.' Matt. 26:41 Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit./As it was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be, world without end. Amen. Editor's Note: This is the sixth of 15 dec- ades of the Scriptural Rosary, a modern ver- sion of the way the Rosary was once prayed in the Middle Ages. 1Ve are presenting the complete Scriptural Rosary in 15 install- ments as a service to our readers. You are invited to save these meditations for ]uture use. Or you may obtain the complete set in illustrated prayer-book [orm by sending $I to the nonprofit Scriptural Rosary Center, 6 N. Michigan Avenue, Chicago 2, Illinois. Sorrowful Mysteries List Also Our Own Sufferings (In his commentary on the Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary, Monsignor Ronald Knox before his death in 1957 listed the five kinds of sufferings of Our Lord. This commentary accompanies the sixth of 15 installments of the Scriptur- al Rosary, which this week begins the series on the Sor- rowful Mysteries. Monsignor Knox's commentary is part of his work, entitled the "'Holy Rosary.") By Msgr. Ronald Knox HE five Sorrowful Mysteries, a list of the five ldnds of suffering which He endured for us, which He wants us to be ready to en- in our turn we may unite our sufferings with Gethsemani. Then, bodily suffering; the lash curling around those inno- cent shoulders, lest the agonies of Crucifixion itself should not be enough to assure us how He has suffered, how He has loved US. Then, humiliation; the Incar- nate Wisdom of God treated as a madman, dressed uv in a garb of ridicule, the King of Kings insulted by a mock coro- nation. And we, creatures of earth, who have such little ground for pride in any case, do we give way to pride after that? Do we stand on our dignity strain we undergo, it should be flect that we are helping, like Simon of Cyrene, to carry a Cross. And last, death itself, with whatever of pain and of dere- liction may come before it; even that, because it falls to the lot of all men, the Son of Man will taste for us before- hand, and assure us that all is well. Legion Of I Decency wouldn't dream of using contraceptives and yet, now that I'm pregnant for the eighth time, he is so disgusted with me that he doesn't even talk. He wouldn't miss your Noc- turnal Adoration and spends hours playing with the chil- dren--while I put up storm windows and take in the sum- mer furniture. As far as disciplining those same children, that's up to Mamma! Yes, I'm stuck with him--but let's hope our daughters marry responsible, mature men--and 1 don't care i/they ever go to church. Answer this one. "THIS ONE" was answered a long time ago hy the / Master Himself: "Not every man who says to me, 'Lord, Lord,' will be saved, but he who does the will of my Father." It's not difficult to understand why you're irritated by your husband's conduct, but isn't your bias showing a little when you imply that he is what he is as the result of being a "good" Catholic? I think you will agree that one can find irresponsible and immature husbands among Protestants, Jews, and the unchurched, as well as among Catholics. Since no religious group claims that it in- eludes only saints among its members, aren't you being illogical in blaming the Church for your husband's objectionable conduct? As Our Lord pointed out time and again, a person may meticulously fulfill every ex- ternal detail of religious practice yet experi- ence no inner conversion and completely ig- nore the very essence of religion, which is FATHER love of God and neighbor. The strangest terms THOMAS you will find in the whole New Testament were used by the Saviour in condemning such persons: "hypocrites," "whitened sepulchres filled with dead bones," and so forth. These "good" religious persons were a scandal 2,000 3,ears ago; their kind have plagued every period of the Church's his- tory; they are still with us today. I think if you analyze the source of your anger, you will find that your real quarrel is not with the Church but with the implicit hypocrisy of some of its members. What you are really asking is why there should be such a gap between the careful observance of specifically religious de- votions and practices and general Christian conduct of life. What good does it do to "go to church" if one fails to ful- fill the obligations of his state of life? More particularly, what kind of church is it that teaches its members not to use contraceptives yet apparently fails to train them to be responsible partners and parents? Puzzling Failure Of Christian Living HESE QUESTIONS focus on a puzzling failure in Christian living, the source of which we will find in two separate areas. First, there is the perennial tendency to regard religion a little more than a set of beliefs, precepts, and pious practices. If these are accepted and observed, our salvation is assured! This pharasaical approach makes such a persistent appeal because it enables us to confine our practices of religion to certain clearly defined external activities which we can fulhllq more or less mechanically and without having to face np to the true demands of our Christian vocation. It is no easy task to live as a follower of Christ, for thiS necessarily involves an unending struggle against our inherent self-centeredness if we are to continue to grow in love of GOd and neighbor. > Thus the attempt to avoid this inner struggle, this "conver$ sion of the heart," by concentrating on external practices anal devotion is nothing more than an escape from religion, though" it may give the appearance of perfect observance. Basic Law Not Made Explicit HE SECOND SOURCE is closely related to the first. This is the failure of religious teachers--parents, instructors, and spiritual directors--to make explicit the basic law of Christian living--love of God and neighbor--and to spell out clearly its practical implications. As Pins Xll reminded us, the perfection of Christian life consists primarily in ardent, attentive ,and operative charity-- this is the essence of the Gospel message. Prayers, devotions, and external pious practices are only means to this end, not substitutes for it. Moreover, since opera- tive charity implies actions, the practice of charity consists in the faithful fulfillment of all the duties of one's state in life. These obligations are primary; there can be no substitute for their fulfillment. I think these two sources, namely, the human tendency to substitute external pious practice for inner self-conquest, and the failure of religious teachers to make clear and explicit the practical implications of the Gospel commandments to love, go far toward explaining the puzzling gap between religious ob- servance and Christian conduct indicated in your remarks. You, as many like you in the past, have been scandalized and turned from Christ by the pious hypocrisy of those whn use religion as a cloak for their spiritual sloth or malice. I can well understand your feelings, but you also would he making light of the truth if you rejected, Christ because of the petty failures of some of His followers. dure for Him. First, mental suffering of ev- ery kind, fear, anxiety, disap- pointment, disillusionment, the extreme of nervous fatigue; all that He felt in the Garden as far as Incarnate God would feel it, so that when we feel it SATURDAY, MARCH 9 10:00 a.m., Quizdown, KOMO- TV, Channel 4. Students from two parochial schools, Sacred Heart Villa and St. Monica's, Mercer Island, vie : fo r top scholastic honorS. after that? SUNDAY, MARCH 10 Next, b o d i I y exhaustion. Listed here are ratings of the Work is part of our human retest films received by theNa :0 a.m., The Catholic Hour, birthright, because it is part of tional Legion of Decency. KING-Radio. The function and scope of the curse incurred by human sin; sons of Adam, we toil be- cause we must. But when the second Adam willingly takes upon His shoul- ders the weight that is to be His martyrdom, the curse is turned to a blessing; whatever light to us, while we can re- Lay Retreat Schedule The Palisades Visitation Retreat (Men's Rrmt Hnse) (Woman's Rtreat Houe) March 15-17 Newman Club, Seattle Our Lady of Mt. Virgin, Seattle St. Thomas, Riverton Our Lady, Queen of Heaven, Tacoma St. Paul, Seattle Visitation, Tacoma First-Run Movies Showing In Seattle A-I--SOn of Flubber. A-2--Days of Wine and Roses. B--Diamond Head. Other Movies Currently Showing A-l--In Search of the Cast- aways, Tarzan Goes to India, Gigot, Wonderful World of the Brothers Grimm, Damm the Defiant, April Love. A-2---Mutiny on the Bounty, Judgment at Nuremberg, Taras Bulba, Barabbas, Spiral Road. A-,%.-Y o j i m b o, Manchurian Candidate, West Side Story, If a Man Answers, The Interns, Period of Adjustment, I Thank Holy Rosary, Seattle modern literature in the light of Christian teachings will be ex- amined by Rev. John J. Kirvan, C.S.P., on this radio series dur- ing the month of March. 7:45 a.m., Hour of St. Francis, KXA-Radio. Today's program offers help to those who would know "How Not To Raise a Child." A posi- tive answer is given to the question: "Why Are Children Nowadays So Much Trouble?" 6:00 p.m., Challenge, KOMO-TV, Channel 4. The Rev. William Treacy, Rabbi Raphael Levine and Dr. Lynn Corson will answer "Ques. tions from Viewers" on today's program. WEDNESDAY, MARCH 13 7:30 p.m., Storm Over the Su- preme Court, KIRO-TV, Chan- nel 7. March 22-24 The background of the Su- preme Court's controversial school prayer ruling of last a Fool. June 25 will be traced on this B--The C h a p m a n Report, program. Leading figures in the Bramble B us h, War Lover, controversy will appear on the Herod the Great. program which will show how cases move from lower courts Condemned--Mating Urge. to the Supreme Court. St. Bernadette, Seattle Our Lady of Motmt Virgin, Seattle St. Thomas, Riverton Immaculate Heart, Seclro Woolley PRAYER TO ST. JUDE To be said in great affliction, or when one seem to be: de- prived of all "eislble help, or for cases despaired oh "Most holy apostle St. Jude, faithful servant and friend of Jesus, the name of the traitor who delivered thy beloved Mas- ter into the hands of His ene- mies has caused thee to be for- gotten by many, but the Church honors and invokes thee uni- versally, as the patron of hope- less cases, of things despaired of. Pray for me who am so mis- erable; make use I implore thee, of that particular privilege ac- corded of thee, to bring visible and speedy help where help is most despaired of. Come to my assistance in this great need that I may receive the consola- tions and succor of heaven in all my necessities, tribulatiom a n d sufferings, particularly (Here make your request) and that I may Bless God with thee and all the elect forever. I promise thee, O Blessed St. Jude, to be ever mindful of this great favor, and I will never cease to honor thee as my special and powerful p a t r o n and to do all in my power to encourage devotion to thee, Amen." (To encourage devotion to St. Jude, distribute this p r a y e r a r acknowledge in writing favors received, etc.) National Shrine of St. Jude Claretian Fathers 22] West Madison Street Chicago 6, III. IIII