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February 28, 1964     Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 28, 1964

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Official Vocation Month To the Clergy, Religious and Faithful of the Archdiocese: Dearly Beloved in Christ: Today, Sunday, March 1, has been designated Vocation Sunday in the Archdiocese of Seattle, and, once again, we direct our undivided attention to the important task of promoting and developing vocations to the priesthood and to the religious life. I term it a problem advisedly because while the Catholic population has increased over 100 per cent, the num- ber of Archdiocesan priests has increased only by 35 per cent brothers by 10 per cent and teaching sis- ters by 23 per cent. We presently have close to 400 dedicated laymen and laywomen engaged in teaching our young people in the elementary and secondary school of the Archdiocese. If we could not avail our- selves of their dedicated devoted services Catholic education in the Archdiocese would indeed be in a sorry plight. Christ could have instituted the Church on a dif- ferent basts but He preferred to place its development and permanency humanly speaking, on the shoulders of comparatively weak human beings. He could have left the important functions of passing religion from generation to generation to some miraculous, mys- terious internal power in the souls of men but he preferred to entrust it to the eloquence of men preaching the Word of God and administering the means of grace. This is a direct manifestation of the fact that the human element is an important factor i the great process of establishing the Kingdom of Christ on earth through the Visible Church. Accordingly, vo- cations do not just happen. They must be encour- aged, fostered and cultivated in the boys and young men who seem to possess the qualities desixable in a candidate for the holy priesthood and the brother- hood. The same is true with regard to the girls and young women who might be fit and worthy candi- dates for the sisterhood. "In case of accident or serious illness, please call a Catholic priest." In all probability, you have a message similar to this together with your name, address and home telephone number in your wallet or purse. It is a type of spiritual insurance policy. It indicates that we presume that there will be a priest near by who when alerted to our condition will rush to our side and afford us the special blessing of receiving the last rites of Holy Mother, the Church. We actually take for granted the presence of a priest in the vicinity. We probably have the same attitude toward other spiri,tual elements that touch our own religious, parochial lives: the existence of a nearby church in which we may worship Almighty God, the presence of a pastor who will administer the sacra- ments to us, preach the gospel, hastruct, guide and direct us, a school to which we may send our chil- dren where they will receive a religious education at the hands of dedicated women etc., etc. And so it goes. We take all of these things for granted but we should advert to the fact that this situation cannot long continue if we do not lift a hand or say a prayer or make a move to help the Church meet this daily pressing need for vocations to the priesthood and the religious life. There are many reasons for the apparent disinter- est and indifference of some of our Catholic people and children toward the question of a religious vo- cation. The secularistic softness of the age in which we live, wherein the element of sacrifice has prac- tically disappeared from the lives of so many of our young people, is probably one of the more important reasons for the lack of vocations. Our young people are given everything that they want; their slightest whim is satisfied; seldom are they called upon to meet any challenge that involves sacrifice or self- denial. This is not the soil in which the seeds of a religious vocation can readily take root and grow and blossom. It is also strange to note that we still find some parents who are antagonistic to vocations for their children. Here, there are as many variations of even the more fundamental objections as there are varying personalities of parents. Some of the root causes are: ignorance, which includes many misconcep- tbns and mistaken ideas of the true nature and value of the religious life; selfishness, that prompts par- ents to keep their sons and daughters with them and at their side through sentimental attachment; at the same time, uppermost in the minds of some i the fear of losing material, social and financial aid from their children later on in life; fear, fear that their son or daughter may return home from the semi- nary or the convent with some possible embarrass- ment to them; lack of faith, whereby parents fail to see God's plan for themselves and their children. We credit to this partk'.ular feature the lack of a Christian atmosphere in the home, the lack of a wholesome, Christian example on the part of par- ents, the indifference to and the neglect toward the matter of discussing vocations with their children and of making vocations the object of their family prayers, where such actually exist. These are some of the unfortunate and tragic reasons for the lack of vocations in some of our families. I earnestly exhort you, then, to pray daily that God will bless the young men and women of your parish and your own family as well with vocations, if that be His will. Pray constantly that, under the guidance and direction of Our Blessed Mother, our young boys and girls may be inspired with a whole- hearted eagerness to consecrate themselves to the service of Christ and His flock and that she, her- self, may instill in you a spirit of generosity and self-sacrifice that you may sincerely realize your re- sponsibilities in this all-important apostolate. Pray, too, that our young men and women in our seminaries and novitiates may receive the grace of perseverance and the gifts and blessings and graces they need most to reaRze their own chosen vo- cations. Praying every blessing upon you, I am Devotedly yours in Christ, Friday, Feb. 28, 1964 THE PROGRESS--3 Pr#est-Brother of F r. Verwilghen March Intention Writes of Revolt Along Kwilu River For Family Rosary Newspapers have pub- There is a full fledged For the Liturgical Spirit lished many reports con- school system and no segre- gation. In one Catholic ma- cerning a revolt in the ternity home, served by the Congo, in which three Immaculate Heart of Mary Oblate priests were killed Sisters, an average of 60 de- liveries a day take place. along with an American Bap- But the capital is privileged fist missionary. Last week compared with the interior of two lay missionaries were al- the country. Still, most of the so reported killed by the reb- L0POL____9 best missions are in the inter- els. This happened in the mis- W LL ior, and so is the vast system sion of Nakungika, belonging $  of Catholic schools that pro- to the Jesuit diocese of Kikwit. vides education to more than A letter, received by Rev. ropo^^^ one and a half million Congo- Felix Verwilghen, in residence v--,,-.-, lese children. The keeping up at St. James Cathedral, Seat- of this tremendous organiza- tie, from his brother Rev. An- tion, the only firm basis of or- toine Verwilghen, a Jesuit mis- ' der and justice in Central Af- sionary in the neighboring dio- rico, ought to catch the atten- cese of Popokabaka, gives an  tion of the responsible people intimate picture of conditions all over the world. in the Congo. "- If the Congo goes out of Excerpts from Father Ver- o hand, there is fear that the wilghen's letter, dated Febru- whole of Africa will follow, and ary 12 from Kasinsi, follow: ( nobody can predict what will Until December, when he  be the effects of such a blast. No doubt, Communism aspires toured the troubled territory, to affect such an eruption, the the Provincial Governor of , best opportunity to take over Kwilu had tried to suppress the the whole black continent. movement of Mulele w i t h now directed against the neigh- sionaries has brought for the force. He then changed his poll- boring dioceses, mainly the first time friendly relations cy, and tried psychological in- Jesuit Diocese of Kikwat. between B e I g i a n Catholic Press Month fluence. Mulele's troops, called Since the rebels have killed missionaries a n d American "les jeunesses" (the Youth), a Lieutenant Colonel of the Protestant missionaries. For Sets New reacted by an offensive of vio- National Congolese Army, the almost a century they have Record lence. First they attacked of- repression by the Army has ignored each ether and often ficials of the Central Congolese become a bloody fight. But in (Continued from Page 1) Government and policemen, many parts of the Congo the filled their mission reports Then they started a drive Army has to bring in troops with slander. I like to visit Seattle, 180; St. Patrick's, To- against the schools. The Direc- from different tribal origin, the "Inland Mission" of coma, 125; Holy Rosary, Ed- tor of Lukamba was killed. Often the local youth sympa- Boko "to see my Protestant monds, 118; Holy Family, Se- Many schools belonging to the thize with the "Jeunesse" only attle, 101; St. Monica's, Mer- government were set on fire, out of antipathy against the friends." No doubt the blood cer Island, 04; St. Mark's, Se- bridges and ferries were de- soldiers who do not speak the of the martyrs has wrought attle, 90; Holy Family, Auburn, stroyed, even the roads were local language. As there are 40 out this wonder of mutual 78; Assumption, Bellinmm, put out of use and the water major languages this is no understanding and appreeia- 66; and Queen of Angels, Port supply of loyal villages and wonder, but people in the vii- tion. Angeles, and St. Joseph's, Van- towns was poisoned, loges do not understand such couver, each with 62. Mulele has given order to at- reasons. They have never been In all the missions, the The second 10 included So- tack. His troops are declared outside the territory of their Fathers and Sisters want to cred Heart, Tacoma, 60; St. invulnerable. Those who are own tribe, stay with their Christians as Mary's, Kelso, 55; St. Joseph's, killed in action must be consid- long as possible. Only when Chehalis, 48; Sacred Heart, ered as having been traitors. Often I feel very nervous there is no hope left, do they Battle Ground, 42; Our Lady of Before the fight the "jeunes- when I hear about heavy taxa- look for safety with the local Perpetual Help, Everett, 40; ses" have to smoke hemp, tion weighing upon the poor population. This is the true St. Mary Magdalen's, Everett, which brings them in a state villages and the rudeness of concept of the "Good Shep- 39; Holy Cross, Tacoma, 28; of brutal craziness. In such a the soldiers of the Central Gov- herd." This is the reason why St. Gabriel's, Port Orchard, 27; state they even hack women ernment. But I cannot help, in fact many missionaries are St. Peter's, Seattle, 25; and and children with their ma- rebellion would be worse. How- in danger of life and need our Immaculate Heart of Mary, chetes. The vast majority of ever young people do not un- prayers. Sedro Woolley, 23. their victims have been Con- derstand this. It's very diffi- The former Belgian Congo Other record-makers are golese, faithful to the Govern- cult to remain friendly and pa- occupies a strategic part in Our Lady of Good Help, Ho- ment and to the Missions. Hun- tient with the youth, when they Africa. Six archdioceses and quiam, 22; St. Teresa's, Se- dreds of Congolese have given make teasing remarks. Even about 30 dioceses have a total attic, 17; St. Rite's, Tacoma, their lives, and there have been the little tots sometimes inter- Catholic population of 5 mil- 16; St. Cecilia's Mission, a few white martyrs, rupt me with naughty jokes, lion. There are over 400 ha- Stanwood, and St. Joseph's, The toll of the Catholic laughs or even bits of prayers tive priests and all the dioceses Ferndale, each with 8; St. Missions has been heavy, shouted in a ridiculing way. have a native Bishop or a na- Philip's, Woodland, 7; St. The Oblate diocese of Ipamu Even some teachers join them tive Vicar General. The only Nicholas, Gig Harbor, and has almost completely been treacherously. On other days full fledged Catholic University St. Joseph's Mission, each wiped out. In that diocese however they can be all very of Africa is in the Congo's cap- with 6; and St. Francis, Cow- was the Trappist Abbey of nice and friendly to their ital, Leopoldville. This black litz Prairie, 3. Kasanza, from which the 15 "Father." Patience is the only metropolis has g r o w n into a In years past, The Progress religious have been evacuat- answer, skyscraper city of one and a has also had 40,000-plus press ed. The common Suffering of half million people. The capital runs but these were spotted Pressure of the rebels is Catholic and Pr6testant mis- has 30 parishes, one hundred with many delinquent subscrip- praesidia of the Legion of Mary tions. Not so this current year. I Official I with 1500 active members. Its The 1;4 total places The over 200 priests have their Progress first among weekly hands full with all kinds of or- newspapers in the state and ganizations. Among the most fifth among dailies and week- flourishing are the Xaveri (the lies in Western Washington. Examinations of Candidates Congolese CYO!) and the JOC That was the press month for the Seminary . (Young Christian Workers). that was. Announcement of examination for candidates for the Seminary: Graduates of the eighth grade, high school and college students who wish to enter St. Edward's Seminary this fall will take the entrance examination Saturday, March 14 at 10:30 a.m. at the places listed below: SEATTLEO'Dea High School. TACOMASt. Patrick's School. BELLINGHAMAssumption School. In all other places, outside the cities previously mentioned, where there is a parochial school, the examination will be held in the parochial school build- ing on March 14 at 10:30 a.m. Where there is no parochial school in a town, the examination will be held in the parish rectory on March 14 at 10:30 a.m. This announcement shall be read at all public Masses on Sundays, March 1 and 8. Likewise, all teachers in our Catholic schools shall bring it to the attention of the pupils. Bishops' Relief Fund Announcement should be made at all Masses Sunday, March 1, that the Bishops Relief Fund col- lection will be taken up in all parish and mission churches and chapels in the Archdiocese on Laetare Sunday, March 8. The March 6 issue of the Catholic Northwest Progress will carry the Official Letter to be read to the people on Laetare Sunday regarding that collection. THE CHANCERY By Order of the Most Reverend Archbishop February 28, 1964 A Prayer For Vocations O Mary, Queen of the Clergy of our Archdiocese, pray for us. Obtain vocations for our boys and girls and lead them to the Holy Priesthood, the Brotherhood and the Sisterhood. (100 days indulgence) Let us pray: O Jesus, bless our home and family and give us grace so to guide our little ones in Christ that some among them may be inspired to follow in Thy Of the Lenten Season The intention for the month of March, proposed by the Holy Father, "for the liturgical spirit of Lent," reflects the many current discussions on the Sacred Liturgy prompted by the Ecu- menical Council. Because of the rumors which have arisen concerning changes to be made in the Mass and other forms of Catholic wor- ship, it is expedient that all Catholics be a],ort to th im- portance of the Liturgy and to distinguish clearly those ex- ternal f o r m s which comprise the true liturgical worship of the Church from the many popular devotions which do not. By way of summary, the Sac- red Liturgy is the official and public prayer of the Catholic concerned with m o r e than merely the external f o r m t the Liturgy, since he asks prayer that all members of Christ's Mystical Body "enter into the liturgical spirit of Lent and reflect its penitential nature in their lives." During Lent, Catholics will achieve the singular benefits of the Lenten ritual only by each day striving to live the life. of the suffering Christ. In this way, the practices of self-denial and penance become the Christ- like means to love, to perfec- tion, to sanctification. Church, which finds its expres- Argentines Form sion in the Sacrifice of the Mass, the Sacraments, the Di- L[MrIcO Group vine Office and the Sacramen- BUENOS AIRES (NC)--The tals. When these acts of wor- ship are performed by author- ized persons, the Church pays homage to God through the mediation of Christ, its Head, and applies to men the fruits of the redemption. Yet Pope Paul's general in- tention makes clear that he is Argentine bishops have formed a national committee on the lit- urgy to implement the liturgical constitution enacted by the Sec- ond Vatican Council. Headed by Bishop Domingo Ran of Mar del Plata, a mem- ber of the liturgical commission at the council, KNOCK [A RUE Dg BAC L[SIEUX No matter what European Shrine you choose to visit LOURDE3 NO.NTSER00T b'ff'. PETER'8, WALSJNOHAr0000 footsteps in the Priesthood and the Religious Life. of eagtle (lOOdayslndulgeuce) Choose Irish to fly you there O God, Who wiliest that all men be saved and come to a knowledge of the truth, grant, we beseech Thee, through the intercession of Blessed Mary, ever S Virgin, and all the Saints, an increase of vocations in Thy Church. The harvest indeed is great but the N B Thin letter is to be read at all Masses in laborers are few. We pray Thee, Lord of the Har- all churches and chapels of the Archdiocese on vest, send forth laborers into Thy Harvest. Grant Sunday, March 1. to our youth true generosity in following Thy call. Lay Retreat Schedule The Palisades Visitation Retreat (Mea's Retreat Hem) (Wemm's Retreat House) March 6-8 Our Lady of Mt. Virgin, Seattle Our Lady of Fatima, Seattle St. Anthony, Kent St. Margaret, Seattle St. Andrew, Sumner Our Lady Queen of Heaven, Tacoma Give parents that faith, love and spirit of sacrifice which will inspire them to offer their children to God's service and to rejoice when a child of theirs is called to the priestly or religious life, through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen. e The foregoing Prayer for Vocations is to be re- cited daily during the month of March in: All churches and chapels, after every Mass and at Benediction of the Most Blessed Sacrament; All grammar and high schools at the begin- ning of each class day. Becau Irish offers the most com- plete ,service to, from, or in be- tween the major shrines of Ireland and Europe. New low 21-Day Economy Excursion fares, as of April 1, make the round-trip fare from New York to Dublin a low $277.* Or you can fly to Lourdes for just $366.40.* Fly Irish and go direct from Lourdes to Rome. And go you can, for just 10% down on the Shamrock Thriftair Plan. Take up to two years to pay the rest at low interest. Ask your Travel Agent to plan your pilgrimage and book your round-trip flight on Irish. L_ 681 Market St., Son Francisco EXbrook 7-S863 *Fares subject to Government appro'ral