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February 21, 1964     Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 21, 1964

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................................... ............... Reds Alert to Benefit Must Stre-ssGospel's_. ! Of Protest in Panama Goodness Certa|nty ..ESPiNO o[ Panamanians are en- victory in the U. S. TheLatin 00n00a00ed." 00mor,can wor,00 VATICAN CITY (NC) omy of its pastoral office." among those painfully bur-  There was little, if any, Corn- The Popular Socialist (Corn-' upon it as a moral defeat. This, Pope Paul VI told the The Pope told them that "it dened, those who are suffering munist influence in the recent munist) party in Panama does therefore, points up the impor- and those who are skeptics and :: flareup in the Canal Zone, but have some influence among in- preachers of Rome that i, necessary that we give our disillusioned- an unusual dis- !ii there is no doubt the Reds tellectuals, students and work- Lance of sincere negotiations they should s t r e s s the full attention, our every effort position to listen and agree, are on the alert to take advan- era. It could also have had leading to a revision of the certainty and goodness of to this return to the genuine "It is true. moveover, that ! tags of protest movements on guerrillas trained in Cuba. Its 1903 treaty. Christ's message in their Lent- ministry of the word in the the present time is character- the part of the people, activity, however, has been en sermons. field of ecclesiastical life." ized by a great uncertainty of Some persons and informs- minimal. At a ceremony in the Vati- Pope Paul stressed the cer- ideals, a great moral tiredness. Lion agencies reported there Radio Mil Cien said recently: New Paulist cart's Sistine chapel Ash Wed- tainty to be found in the word "Ideals are in crisis. The was a Castro-Communist influ- "One thing is clear in this new nesday, February 12, the Pope of God. While he admitted that force of thought has been sub- ence in the bloody events in movement of redemption of the Press Plant distributed ashes to the preach- many people in the modern stituted for by calculations of early ,Tanuary in which 24 per- Panamanian people: Corrupt era. world turn their backs on temporary expediency, by the sons were killed and more than and sabotaging Communism has di d Referring to the new liturgy authoritarian or do g m a tie fear that things will become 500 wounded. It has been said failed in its aims to take over De cats rule that requires sermons at ideas, he said "it is also still worse, almost as if it were in- that Communists took part in this patriotic, clean and spun- Sunday and holy day Masses, true that the authority of the evitable, as if the worth of setting off "Molotov cocktails" raucous movement." GLEN ROCK, N.J. (NC he told them that the Church Gospel, presented in its gen- souls and moral fores were and in sniper action. President Roberto Chiari of --Archbishop Thomas A. "is rehabilitating the function nine light, finds among the not in fashion. The sword of Although alleged Communist Panama has stated he will re- Boland of Newark dedi- of the living word in the econ- rn e n of today -- particularly /he spirit seems to remain in intervention has not b e e n main firm in seeking a re- cared the new plant of the scabbard of doubt and proven, the world Communist vision of the 1903 Canal Zone the Paulist Press here on peacefulness." press quickly twisted the crisis treaty, and that he will not the feast of St. Francis de But it is at this point, the to suit its aims. In supporting be influenced by extremists Sales, patron of the Catholic Pope said, that "the message of the Panamanian cause, the of either the right or left. press. religious truth must resound Pope at Lenten Rites Communists were able at the The Canal Zone crisis is load- Said to be the largest Cathc with greater vigor. Men need to believe in those who show HANDS JOINED IN PRAYER, Pope Paul VI is showrt' same time to attack the United ed with potential political re- lie organization of its kind States. But the Communist tac- percussions both here and in the U.S., the Paulist Press last themselves to be certain in on Ash W'ednesday visit to the Basilica of Santa Sabina on tic of making the most of pop- the U. S. More than I0 parties year distributed more than 18 what they teach. It is at this the Aventine Hill where he joined priests and faithful in ular causes in no way detracts will take part in presidential million books, pamphlets and moment that our duty to stir up penitential rites and preached a sermon urging them to see from the noble and patriotic elections May 10 in Panama, magazines to some 22.000 Catho- better thoughts and more ef- in Lent a season of rich spiritual blessing, aspirations of Panamanians. and efforts are being made not lie churches, schools and inset- Shortly after the violence, to make the question of the tutions. receive goals among men be. (Religious News Service Photo.) the Panamanian government Zotae a disruptive factor. Poland Needs Churches comes grave and urgent. "We must not permit our said: In Washington an inflexible The organization was founded BERLIN (NC)--Stefan Cardinal Wyszynski, Primate of Po- people, still so rich in goodness Lent Recalls Shortness ,,.oy outside influence of stand on the part of the admin- in 18fi6 and is owned by the land, asserted in Warsaw that the Polish government is not and religiousness, and still so Communist tendency that istration in regard to the Canal Paulist Fathers. It specializes in the publication and distri- building nearly enough churches to keep pace with suburban greatly fearful of the tremen- ,.,T'" Life Pontiff ,la yla""s could have infiltrated itself Zone couldwinpopularsupport into the popular movement in the U. S. in a presidential button of religious and development. The people have a right to churches, he said, and dons and tragic experience of II is separate and not identified election year. But in Panama, tional literature. should press the government to fulfill it. the last war, to give in through weakness of spirit and false VATICAN CITY (NC) "drive many souls away from with the purely civic move- many believe that though such Archbishop Boland told some The Cardinal Archbishop of Gniezno and Warsaw spoke at utilitarian value to antireligious --Pope Paul VI told the the Faith and from the Church, meat in which the majority policy might be considered a 300 guests of the ceremony that especially the young and the "the treasury of goods we have a Sunday service in the temporary quarters of the parish church ideologies which, if they spread, thousands at his general children of our time who want :;'- here will not only affect the in the newly developed Warsaw suburb of Rakowik February will certainly destroy liberty 16. Some 200 persons were able to crowd into the converted frame and perhaps also prosperity, audience on Ash Wednes- joy, beauty and the enjoyment Archdiocese of Newark but and which will lead to the apes- day that the significance of life. the United States and the toolhouse which serves as the Mass center for the area. At least easy of so many souls whom of the ceremony of the ashes-- He said that instead "Christi- world." as many clustered outside the building to hear him. Christ has called to His Re- a reminder of the shortness of unity is the religion of the Cross, the Church is the teacher of Cardinal Wyszynski said: "We want to have new churches demption, to His dignity and tO a man's life--is unwelcome to built . You should remember your rights and work to secure His happin'ess." many because it is "very strik- mortification. All this does not Ousted Jesuits .. conform to the modern spirit Pope Paul stressed the ing, almost terrifying." which seeks happiness." Reach Homes them." goodness and c h a r i t y of Speaking in the Vatican's Through its teaching, he con- : Christ's teachings as well as Hall of Benedictions, the Pope eluded, the Church leads man their certainty, said that the Ash Wednesday beyond his own weakness and ::::i:: (Continued from Page 1) To Aid Starving in Kwilu Preaching, the Pope said, ceremonies recall "the most through mortification it over- ===================== grams of religious suppres- must make itself real "through serious aspect of our religion comes the misery of life with stun." LEOPOLDSVILLE, The Congo. -- (NC) -- The American abnegation, example, familiar . . . the penitential aspect, the result that there is achieved "We were supposed to have Catholics' overseas relief agency has stockpiled tons of food to knowledge, indulgence -- in a the sad, severe and pessimistic "a victory of good over evil.  : been involved in some pullet. help stave off the threat of famine in the Congo's Kwilu prey- word, through love. The preach- aspect." of happiness over sorrow, of ..... cal activity," he said. "But face, devastated by Red.led terrorists, er must be the pastor, and the Pope Paul noted that this in- holiness over sin and of life that was false, of course -- pastor the preacher." sistenee on man's rlaortality over death." The terrorists have burned at least 150 villages and forced complete nonsense." Paul Presses For Lay Later February14, theHai- thousands of Kwilu's 1.5 million people to flee from their homes Pope tian government issued a om. and fields. In the absence of the refugees and the thousands who munique saying it had expelle have joined the guerrillas, there will be no harvest this year in the Jesuits b e e a u s e Kwilu, once a major food producing region the size of SoUthcarolina. Participation In Liturgy weregVernment propaganda",,a planfoundOf generalin theSUbversin"possessionand The head of Catholic Relief Services -- National Catholic Wel- of Father Laramee and Bro- fare Conference in the Congo -- Rev. Roland Bordelon of the (The author of the seventh not take effect until new lee- lies in the authority con- ther Ross when they returned Alexander, La., diocese -- said here: of a series on .the liturgical tionaries and altar missals are [erred by the council itself from Canada. reform proided by the ecu. prepared a n d published. To upon such bodies of bishops The communique also said an "We stand ready to move into Kwilu with food relief to pre- menical council, serves as clarify any doubts and to make in liturgical matters, especi- agreement allowing the Je. vent the worst. We have already piled up 240 tons of wheat, but- one of the council's official sure t h a t the liturgical re- ally in the introduction of the suits to operate their seminary newal goes ahead without de- vernacular languages into the had been ended by a Lover ter oil, milk and flour in Kikwit." advisers on liturgical mat- lay, Pope Paul's January 25 liturgy. A new papal diree, meat decree February 12. B Kikwit is the provincial capital of Kwilu, a city of about 60,- term. "'A professor of canon instruction deals with several tire is added, that transla- i?iz : :: it added that the Haitian guy- 000 people where there have already been food riots, law at the Catholic Uniter. matters: Lions of L ati n liturgical ili::: :i: :: i i:::ii::i! I ernment is willing to confer sity of America, Washing. (1) Begging "all Christians texts are to be submitted to with the: Holy See and Haiti's ton, he is the immediate and particularly all priests" Rome for approval. Bishops for a reorganization of the seminary under the con- Macapagal Greets Nuncio past president o/the North to study the text of the con- It is only n a t u r a 1 that trol of others than the Jesuits. American Liturgical Confer. attention, the H oly Father most attention should be con- The communique was signed MANILA. -- (NC) -- President Diosado Macapagal paid enos.) urged bishops and pastors in centrated upon future reforms, by Haitian Minister of Infer- the strongest terms to teach upon the commission set up to mutton Paul Blanchet. tribute to the efforts of the Catholic Church in the "universal By REV. FREDERICK R. the people how to take part in revise the rite of Mass and Among the Jesuits returnln quest to build a world of peace and brotherhood." M(IMANUS the Church's worship, with an the sacraments, and upon the here was Rev. Roy Fenelo He made the statement in answer to the remarks of Arch- m.c.w.c, saws s,,av,c,,I understanding of its "strength few changes which become el- Victims of Duvalier's Regime s. ,l., who had opened the bishop Carlo Martini, new Papal Nuncio to the Philippines, dur- Pope Paul VI in bring- and inner value." festive without delay. Dramatic mission in Port-au-Prince in (2) Next Pope Paul set up changes catch the eye; it is TIRED AND SHOWING signs of strains, the first group 1953. ing the latter's presentation of credentials at Malaeanang Palace. ing into force the ecumeni- a special commission to carry all the harder to propose, as The expulsion of the .lesuits The Chief Executive said February 7 he was particularly cal council's Constitution out the council's decisions -- Pope Paul and the other bis- of Jesuits expelled by Haiti's dictatorial regime returns to happy to welcome the new Nuncio to the Philippines "at a time on the Liturgy has made particularly by revising the hopes have done, the broad provincial headquarters in Montreal. Eighteen, 13 priests was the latest episode in the long war of attrition the Du- when the Catholic Church is actively collaborating" in the at- active and understanding service books, such as the al- program of study, instruction, and five Brothers, were deported because, according to valier r eg ime has waged tainment of peace and brotherhood "for the good of all men of all congregational participation in tar missal and ritual. Plans education and formation. Francois Duvalier's government, they had documents "likely against the Catholic Church faiths." worship a primary goal. for this commission are found in the constitution itself: "The Just as there is no waiting to imperil the security of the state." in predominantly C a t h o 1 ie Of the constitution's 130 see- liturgical books," says the period before the council's dec- --(Religious News Service Photo.) Haiti. trine or teaching about the Speaking of his mission, the new Apostolic Nuncio expressed Lions, the first one singled out council, are to be revised as liturgy becomes official or el- confidence that with the help of God, his mission here will be by the Pope for immediate as- soon as possible; experts are rendered easier because of the "profound religious spirit of the Lion and application is Article to be employed on the task, festive, so Pope Paul's first point, even before setting up noble Filipino people and their devotion to the Holy See." 1O: and bishops are to be consult- the commission for liturgical "With zeal and patience, ed, from various parts of the reform, is the need for train- pastors of souls must promote world." Another Priest Detained the liturgical instruction of (3) Finally the Pope settled ing and congregational partici- pation that is both interior and the faithful, and also their as- specific questions and in a few exteriorly expressed. KAMPALS, Uganda.- (NC)- The Sudan government, con- Live participation in the lit- cases anticipated the reform urgy both internally and ex- of rites and services: immedi- If any specific norm is the tinning its persecution of the Church, has detained another Su- ternally, taking into account ate permission to celebrate the key to the others, it is the danese priest and imprisoned and released a Brother. their age and condition, their sacraments o f Confirmation insistence that Articles 15, 16, The detained priest, according to information received here, is way of life, and standard of and Matrimony during Mass-- 17, of the constitution be put Rev. Barnaba Dewg and the Religious is Brother Colussi, who religious culture. By so doing, with s p e e iai provision for into effect immediately was imprisoned for a time on the usual charge of aiding southern pastors will be fulfilling one Scripture readings and the nup- that seminary programs le "rebels" in their fight against the northern government, of the chief duties of a faith- tial blessing even at marriages revised for the next scholas- ful dispenser of the mysteries celebrated apart from Mass; tic year. It was learned also that another Sudanese priest, Rev. Arch- of God; and in this matter permission to suppress parts of The council has called for a angelo All, who was arrested earlier in the year, is facing court they must lead their flock not the daily office of prayer, in thorough reappraisal of t h e martial at Wan along with 104 other persons accused of plotting only in word but also by ex- the case of those bound to teaching of dogmatic theology, against the government. If found guilty they could be sentenced ample." pray the office, without wait- Scripture, spiritual theology, These words sum up the ing for the revised texts, and pastoral theology -- all to death or life imprisonment, s e c o n d Vatican Council's Some specific directions giv- to be unified in the exposition Persecution of Christians actually started soon after the Su- rules for "the promotion of en by the Pope insist on more of "the mystery of Christ and dan was given independence by Great Britain in 1956. liturgical instruction and ac- serious steps to be taken with- the history of salvation" which pp Live partlclpahon. And they out delay: is celebrated in Christian wor- were given first place in Father Pope Paul's document of Establishment of diocesan ship. The liturgy, which is faith in action, is to have new January 2S, 1964, on carry, liturgical commissions to pro- emphasis in the seminary pro- ig ing out the council's plans, mote understanding and active Oarr on- "By the very nature of participation in public worship gram of studies and in the things" the directions f o r by the people; " seminary life of prayer. All this stems from the coun. Lagrange Dead education and par- Q the homily preached at cil's recognition that 'it would ticlpation "come into force Mass in which 'the mysteries America's (NC)--Requiem Mass immediately." of the Faith and the guiding be futile to entertain any hopes was offered here February 17 When the Constitution on the principles of the Christian life of realizing" its purposes "un- Wax Tableaux Honors Four Chaplains finest ,o Rev. Reginald Garrigou- Liturgy was promulgated De- are expounded from the sa- less the pastors themselves, in tWO Lagrange, O.P., 86, one of the eember 4, 1963, at the public cred text"--recommended by the first place, become thor- THIS STRIKING WAX tableaux commemorates the sacrifices of the four World War II oughly imbued with the spirt century's outstanding theolo- session which closed the me- the council as a part of any and power of the liturgy, and chaplains. They gave up their life belts to servicemen and went down together in the vermouths oon session of the council, and every Mass--required, as undertake to give instruction Atlantic, off Greenland, when the troop ship, S.S. Dorchester, was sunk by a German sub- The Dominican theologian a date was set for its regul- of February 16, at every Sun- it." died here February 14 at the lations to become effective and day and holy day Mass when about marine. Depicted left to right are: an unidentified soldier, Rabbi Alexander D. Goods of Irrespective of reforms and Washington, D.C.; Rev. George L. Fox of Cambridge, Vt. (Methodist); Rev. Clark V. have come to University of St. Thomas universal law of the Church: a congregation is present; changes yet to come, the ira. Poling of Schenectady, N.Y. (Reformed); and Rev. John P. Washington of Newark, N.J. Aquinas, where he had occu. February 16, 1964, the first @ the teaching of the liturgy mediate need is education (Roman Catholic). The figures, recreating the tragedy which took place Feb. 3, 1943, "" "' swWsh;n"n the chair of theology for Sunday of Lent. At the same in seminaries and similar in- and participation --beginning in the National Historical Wax Museum in Washington. 50 years. He would have been time it was evident that many attentions, to be revised accord- with "priests, both secular --(Religious News Service Photo.) 87 years old February 21. of the e o u n e i I's decisions ing to the council's legislation, and religious, who are al- Po Paul VI had recently would have to be delayed still Because the Second Vatican ready working in the Lord's 1 mental is to Asks Study of Legal blessing Father Gar- longer--chiefly because they Council has not yet determined vineyard" and with candi. mL, B III'/II" r' :xl["--'" rigou-Lagrange, who had been depend upon the revision of with precision the role of dates for the priesthood in Qlle$fJon. in failing health for several services, texts, prayers, etc. "episcopal conferences" o r seminaries and other places years. Most of parts of the consti- bodies of bishops in the differ- of study. LISBON (NC) -- The first GRIFI=IN Michael Cardinal Browne, for- tution which must wait further eat countries, the Janus,. 25 Only this can bring to pass 00r0thers mer Master General of the Do- and specific action are evi-document of Pope Paul gives the highhopesoftheChurch, study weekoncanonlawtobe GALEIRAITH minican Order, and a former dent enough. For example, the specific rules: Such bodies, or- "as expressed by the Pope and held in Portugal has urged the papal theologian, called the bishops decided that during ganized on a national basis, by all the bishops: "Partici- nation's Bishops to set up a priest-theologian "one of the Mass "a more representative must include all bishops of patton by the Christian people commission of experts to study FUEL COMPANY DRY and SWEET greatest theological thinkers of portion of the holy Scriptures dioceses, and may include co- as 'a chosen race, a royal points of common legal interest Our times." will be read to the people in adjutor and auxiliary bishops, priesthood, a holy nation, a re- to Church and State, such as 1910 COMMI:RCE ST., TACOMA VERMOUTH Born in Auch Gerst, France, the course of a prescribed The enactment of decrees re- deemed people' (I Peter 2:9; education and marriage, and to MA 7-3151 Feb. 21, 1877, Father Garrigou- number of years," that is, in quires a two-thirds vote by cf. 2: 4-5) is their right and restore canon law and thee- HOME HEATING SPECIALISTS The Christian Brothers, Naps, California Lagrange was ordained in the a kind of cycle, secret ballot, duty by reason of their Bap- logical studies at the university Dominican Order in 1905. Obviously, this provision can- The importance of  rule tiara." level in this country. Mark Dolllver, Pres.