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Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 21, 1902     Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 21, 1902

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i il THE CATHOLIC News of the City and the State. C( .LEG NOT L i THE GOOD SHEPHERD&apos;S BENE- i M( 's a] You La-i FIT. ' at :lw ( rch the i The returns fronl the benelit given Concel)tion. h(hl tlleir! for the orl)hans of the l iouSl, of tile i Good Shel)hers nre al)ollt, all Ill. The passes (,Xl)lclations. After I)ayiag all t,Xlleilsl,s ( reillaillS a ll(t I)rofit of i'(slllt is very satisfactory as it. sur- $1,1HHL [,osS than a nlonth elal)sed from the time a ball was suggested /'ntil tim cvcnt hall I)assed. This SEATTLE COLLEGE NOTES. The Y()llllg Men's and Yolllig La- dies' Sodality at tile Church of the i | nl nla(.u]at(., senli-allnlla] eJecti()n and the following (ood Shel)hers nre al)ollt, all ill. o{'fi('ers wel't ('bosell for tho llext six nl on t hi-; : Young Men-- .' "vol'c(*t--]Oelix Mootz. First Assistant--Stephen Mason. Second Assistant--Ricllard Morris. So(.retary--.h)hll Mootz. Treasurer, Edward Mchltyre. shows (iuicl w()rk ally skillful nianage- ll.elit I) 3' tho (:ominittees ill charge. TI-IATI00 ! BAKING POWDER "Well. its nlodern aud up-to-date-- scientifically and llonestly made. Consult()rs--Edward Costt+lh). ,hulleS Tho i)atrolwsse.; to wholn all credit is More wholesonle and better than the Branigan, William Weber. (hw look hohl of the affair with a high-in'iced "trust" erlain tartar kind. Ytuulg l,a(lies--- will and an entinlsiasm that carried Precel'l--.Miss ICnlnla Parblinsoll. eVlH'y dei:ail i)t their ldans throagh to Endorsed by chemists and physi- First Assistant--Miss ,Iary 1)lll'l.iil. ; a sti(:(,essfllI (.ont:hlsioli. They ilot ollly clans. . ," S(,cond Assistant--Miss Hattie liill, arraliged tilt' details, hot they sohl ASK YOUR GROCER. Secretary--Miss Anni(, Morris. :the ti('keis, they solicited tile re- 'l'reasur(r---Miss Ada Mahan. treshnlents, they /ook(,d after tile Col|suitors---Miss S|lsie McArdh,. Miss al)t)ointnwnls ()f Arnlory ltall, they (leo. 1t. Williams, lrav(!lillg agcllt Alice I{(!agall, Miss Mary Mo()tz. Miss arranged for the int.)st of tilt! adver- of lhc lit'cat Nol'thIH'li illlt[ a nlonlbOl' Ceeelia I{oon(y. Miss Agnes Murphy. tising, they gave Ul)flnleh conllTort and of l{osshuld ('ouncil i)f tile Y. M. 1., The Soda ly Iillrary is ol)en every v:thlal)l(, time for the ('ause. and on tile was in \\;ValIa Walhl h/st week. lie is Sunday evening at, 6:45, afttq' which twoning o[ the ball they Ol'('ul)i(d easy a firm I,eliewu' in tile ln'illciplcs of nleelings at'(, hehl in tho (.hllr(.h. All (hairs providl,d for them ill it cosy the Inapt.trill(!, alid lllaih  it host of C, alholi(' VOllng nleLl Illld y()lllllX la(li(s corll(!l' of till:' roonl i)r ulingled witil fl'i(,lllls hy his gonial, wh()le-hcltlted arc invited to join. , . the (.rowd. gretting all witll a grReiOllS nlillllHl'. 'l'hl  I)0ys  ilwcrclv hop( (o ...................  ................ smih. that )'(qh(,ted satisfaction and nicer hiYi iI-Hill ill ()ill' (rlllld (!lmncil ANNOUNCEMENTI ('OIIS('i(IIISlIOSS of Sll(!('eSS. this fall. A[ a lll('etillg ()f tile |)atl'()lllSSeS and Th(, Sisters of the Good Shel)herd (.olliliiittol,S last Satu'13y ovenhlg at "' I'.( v t, vcliilig, I.'(q). 13ih, tile will lmvo it sale of shanlrocks Oil the parlors i)f the liaini(n'-(h'and lh)tel m(qnl>cr; of I,]il:, ih'anlatic i:hll) gavt' a .\\;larch ll)tll at tile folh)wing l)laces: r(!soill|i(lllS wtu'e alh)l)to(i thanking the Ilall(lllt.t It) thc "'I{ob(q't I']nHnctt" Ste.wart & Ho]nles, (.or. First ave. At till' i:i,)s( of tht I);tll(llll?t, \\;V. H. and Cherry street; Ch)ss,n & Kelly, folh)wing firms anti so('ieiics fl)r lil)er- COl'. Occidental ave. alld \\;tsilingtou al dt)lla|ions i)!'cash alld r(![l'eshlllents: \\;\'(,I)or i)re(.nlcd the 3liss0s Mitl'y st, reel; lee's l)liarmacy, ('or. S(cond Standard 10tlrnitllre C,()., Mr. anti St:iv, .lessit!a Tall)ol, arid M I'y ave. alld Cohunbia;. Snlith & ,Mrs. l)unbar of the Rainier-(h'and lit)- ()'lh'icii wilh u halldsonic silver sou- l.enneily, S(?colld ave. and Janles l(q, lho (Ioo. }l. \\;Voodhl)use Co.,,.l. \\;V. vollicr, t'I'l(!l' whi('h all ilnl)rOml)tll 1)ro- street. Godwin. tlw Fraternal Order of Eagles. g' lm c was wtdl ren(lerl, d. A I)'dr- They are now Oil said a( -ll3 Ninth the s )(. tqy of Elks. tiw Young Men's ll,S(lue :,('l )v [Irothers ('laill'y lind avelllle, lnstitut(,, t h(, Catholic Order of For- \\;V(d)cr (r(qited milch illel'Filn(?llt. CARD OF THANKS. esters, and Sanluel Hill of the Scattlu; BALLARD, (his and Elect:rio Co. For su])ervising  The Sisters of the Good Shel)herd and decorating tile hall, Mr. Ri('hard Mrs. C. ,l. O'Shea ln'l,sented Iler has- extend sincore thanks to tile kind frhm(Is who aide(1 ill nlaking the bene- .\\;lansfie]d \\;Vhite was kindly remem-! I)antl with a lhle. healtlly I)aby girl fit gi'(ql the 10th inst. for the orl)hans In!red in tile sl)e('ial thanks ten(lered, ion last Sunday nlorning. un(ler their care a financial sut'eess, l,'or a(Ivertising tile ball thanks wore I l,'ather Aelltergael has about toni- , ret,u'nl,d IO the I3on Marche. Win. M. ! I)leted all arrangenlents for colnnlenc- Russell. The Catholic I)rogress. The' ing work on the 1)uilding of a l)aroch- PERSONAL MENTION P()st-hltelligeneer. and the leaderl ial residence which he hol)es ,,','ill be ready for occul)ancy by the 1st or the Store. For loaus of furniture, decora-: mid(lle of May next. Mr. F. M. Egan is ill Whatconl this tions, etc, Stone, Fisher & lmne, The' While some of us desire to l)artic- week working in the interests of The Chicago Ftuuflture Co., and varins ipate ill any social affairs, at least of Catiiolic Progress. others were mentioned, a l)ublic nature, still we hoIle there Rev. Father Brown, S. J., lcetured at is nothing wrong ill anticilmthlg enjoy- Aquinas Academy in Tacoma last Fri- day evening. He had a good audience "'For Her Sake" is proving a will- ment from timse tilat will follow the and tile lecture was very mucil appre- ning card at tile Third Avemle Thea- ienten season. One of the most im- elated, tre. It is not Duly an excellent melo-; l)ortant of these will be the ball to be dranla, but is being i)resented by an given by the ladies of St. Anthony's Mr. 13. Erb is getting niccqy started exceptionally good company. "For Court, \\;V. C. O. F.. in Bouley's ilall at 3()5 Main street. Show liiln you He.r Sake" will be given al week, in- on Easter Monday night. All arrange- are all rlgllt by giving him your watch chiding the matinee Saturday. ments for malting this event a suc- or cloel to fix Ul). All work is guar- Next week, commencing with a Sun- eess were eonlpleted some time since. anteed, day inatime, the Tilird Avenue tha- That It wll be such cannot be doubted Rev. F'ather Miller. C. SS. R.. is con- tre will have for the first time at pop- by those who know the enterl)rise of ductiug a six clays' retreat at tile ular 1)rices "The Man From Mexico." the ladles who have charge of getting Acadenly of St. Ann, Victoria, for the The phly has been seen here before it Ul). sisters of tim( institution. After it is at ifigh l)rices and will be relished by ...... ended he will give a retreat fer the the patrons of the Third Avenue. FRIDAY HARBOR. young ladies of that institution, last- Quite a surl)rise was given the rev- ing three clays, i WALLA WALLA. erend ilastor of Friday Harbor when, Mr. F. P. Ore. recording secretary of The seating calnlcity of St. PatriclC on his missionary visit tile hlst time, Vietor Court, C. O. F.. of Snohomisll, hall was taxed to its utmost Tlmrs- lie found a new "way of the cross" made this office a short call this week. day evelling, February 11th, by a large and a beatltiful set of vestments--the He rel)orts his court ill flourlshng con- audience, asembled to witness that gifts of Miss Mary Neser of Baltimore, tnton and timt the new 1)lace of meet- stirring Irish drama "Robert Emmett", M(I. Be.sides this the zealous congre- tng affords anll)le room and that vtsi- staged by the local Y. M. I. dranlatic gallon had the interior of tim church tors are always welcome, club. The entertainnle.nt was a grand nicely varnished. It is their hlten- Mr. H. Mootz ilas just completed smlccess. The audience was apprecia- tion to hohl a fail' or picnic next sum- anti Slltpped three altars to St. Igna- tire and aPiflauded generously, mer so as to raise sufficient funds for tius Mission, Montana. They are fine The d'ranla rel)resented tile final the complete flnishiug aud decoration specimens of his work, carefully de- chapters in the eventful life of that of t]leir church, in which ttley take signed and a beautiful wiflte trimmed with gohi. They go into all Ursullne peel' of h'ish lleroes, the noble Robert every lu'ide and pleasure. convent at st. Ignatius. Emnlett, and the character was most Next Thursilay Father O'Regan will artistically rendered by Win. P. Clan- ANACORTES. go to Montana where, ill conjunction cy. His stirring address to his coun- We are pleased to learn that the witll a nunlber of other fathers of trynlen, his bitter arraignnlent of the Catholic cinlrch in Anacortes is mak- ttieir order, a series of missions will injustice of his trial, his address to ing snch rapid progress. Mrs. Kasch be given. Among tile cities to be vis- the jury, were each given in such a and Mrs. Flyna still keep up the good ited are Butte and Anaconda Fatimr forceful nlanner as to move many an work and are laboring lmrd fro' the O'Regan will be absent several ulonths lrisil heart, new ehurcll. They have already col on this tour. Tile h'respe.rssible Darby O'Graff, lected the handsome sunl of $600.00. Father McDevitt, from Eastern Ore- portrayed by Robert E. Lynch, was a Truly tile people of Anacortes deserve gon, l)reaehed at tile hnmaculate Con- source of unfailing amusement, and credit and merited praise for the lib- ceptlon Church last Sunday morning, fronl his entrance to iris exit from the eral generosity shown in this good His timme was the observance of the stage tile audience were in spasms of work. and we trust they will realize fast of Lent. He is a man of great laugilter. Mr. Lynch's song "O'Brien the fruit of their generosity by soon ability and made it plain how profit-and His Turk," was uproariously ap- seeing a nice new clnu'ch erected for able it is to faitiffully observe tile lflauded and encored. regulations of tile cimrclL He has Miss Mary Sealley as "Judy" made tile greater honor and glory of God tile style and nlanner of the success- a great Ilit witii the andienee, and ri- and the salvation sf tieir souls. ltl] mlsslonary, valed "O'Graff" in nlerrtment-making. ......................................... Miss Jessica Talbot as Emmett's af- FOR RENT--A furnished front room RESOLUTIONS. fianced, sustained a difficult character suitable l'or two, young men. In- in such a manner as to nlerit the quire at 1225 Main street. Seattle, Feb. 9, ]902. unanimous praise of all. For Rent--A I)right. (.omfortable Whereas, Our Divine Creator, in "Sargeant Tot)fall," the tipl)Ilng Eng- front room at 2309 Main street. All His all-wise and merciful providence, lish officer, was sustained by T. E. nmdern conveniences and use of par- has called unto Himself, Miss Julia Mason ill a manner calculated to Elle'n, beloved daughter of our llighly add to tile hilarity produced by hn' if desired. esteemed Brother, Thomas J. Me- "Darby" and "Judy." W'ln. Weber as .................................................... Cawley, and O ieary, an old patriot, ailli A] Quinn, N()TI('E . SIIEI{IFF'S S,\\;IA,: ()F ItEA] \\;Vhereas, The members of I)ivision as "I)owdall," 1)layed leading parts in Esiste. Sherlff'. Ofiico. SlSlo of \\;VllshlllglOll. ('OI V o[" Khig'. :4,"4. One, Ancieut Order of Hibernians, of the insurrction. Parnell Hayes, as I{y ,,.il.ll[(, of I(11 execution iss(le(I Dirt of Seattle, Washington, 8orrowfully rea- "Ktrnan." the traitor, naturally gained tlw Ilon,vsl)h, Sul)erhn' ('om'l of Snohondsh I'ot V Oh (he 2:(1'(I I|ny (ll' .|lillll((ry, lltt)2, lize that Brother MeCawley and his disal)l)rolJation, owinia/ to tile nature hy Iho t'h,rk lh>l'(,of, hi lhe cl(so of (;llS- family have sustained a sad and it- of the character and the suc(.essful [;(t,e I,m'onsoD, I}l=lill[il]', Vel'SllS I'. I;. All- del'son, (to|'o]l(lll It|. X(I. 5[;25 lind |o IllL), rcl)arab]c loss Jn tile taking away of lnanner ill wilieh it was carried out. as ,ht,l.iff. (Ill'el'ted :lnd (i(dh'(q'o(l: tlleir dearly be.loved one, now (.here- Thos. Ennis, as a gay eorl)oral, allly Nolle(( is herel)y giv0n tln|l l will pro- ('('(ql [o soil al IHIIII[(> lllll'[t(lll |o I]1o Iligh0s| fOl'(  be It ] SUl)liorted his blbulollS sargeant. Tilos. bhhh,r I'.1 (,:lsh. within Ihe hollrs lU'es('ribed i % . i{esolve(1, That we lnost sincerely (asey acted the character of an Eng- I)y hlw for ,%hel'lfl"s sides. It)-wll: al I[) synlpatilize with Brother McOawley llsh jlldgo hi a Vll'y creditahh man- ./( a m. on IIw 22nd day of .March. . IL 1!1(1:2. i)OI'IWO lhe Ci)llrl hi)liSt, (hmr anti his fanlIly in their sad bereave- ner. The exco]lent nlusie fllrIlished by (.[' llw nhl l.Hn i'o tl- hi lho Stll[e o[" a a ultnt, and we hol)e tllat ill(. llal)py [I}l'otller l-]ugh's ()ro]lestra, ac(,onlpau- Vlls}lillglOll. all (.1' ihe I'iKIIl, title itll(] hl- tol'l'I elf the sllid dPt'l'lldlllll hi liD(] Io []lO UlOlnory of the dear lost Ollt sheds led by Miss Mary O'l.l'[ell Oil the I)i- followhl proppl'ly. ilult(q[ ill Kin ('m( v, strong rays of eonlfort upon those who anD, was tt surl)rise and all un(]/nllified Slnh, or Vllshhlgt.m, holttldt,d tlll(I do- ,;,.ribo(] il I'll]loWs. Io-wh : nlourn ller absence, and 1)e it fllrthel' ])]easlire to all. Tho oasl htllf II': I., ) Hf lh(' sl)lllllofl, st i{esolved, Tllit a copy of these reso- ! rFaken all ill a]]. the event proved to (lI!nl'll' tsI']!i I ()[ tied mmlh011sl qllIil'[0r SI,: ti ) .f Sp('tloll ph'w'll I I I t, Towllshil) ]lltions. al)I)roln'late]y ellgl'osse(i, be be a Sllccess. both socially and thlan- wq v-o , tzi ). Novlh (d' JhlnK( live (5) In'esented to I]rother McCawley and cial]y. It was given to aid Ill raising ! ,..IH;llnhl;: lwemy i'_'o) acros, hwiod I)ll IIN Ihl' pl'llllPl*ty (It' I[O['(qld:lllt. [o N N'V falnily; (hat a eo])y he sl)read upon  fluid for tile entertRillm(Hlt of the a lulhm,.)l hlllOUl!lhl H IIflvoll luH.h'ed the Flinlltes of this l)ivision; al|d that delegates to the Grltud Collnci] of tile Hx v (hdlar ;lud (.,)[ ,ff suh In I'nvor o!' Hahfllff. a ('(lily ])e pul)lished in the Catholic/Y. M. I. iu this city next Sel)telnber. Imh,d Ibis 1.11h day ,d' I"(,I)r ; rv 19ti2. Progress. t I,:IL ( '['I)ll I I,'1,]. S IIoI'III'. Wnl. McAl'dh, WALLA WALLA. ry. \\;VM. I'(II:('ORAN. Nell O'ltara The many friends of (,hrl,s l,]nnls Del)uly. Jas. P. Foley. will I)c ldeased to learn that he is l,. D. I'ETTY, Alty. for 1lift. ., I']'el'el I. \\;Vltsh. Committee. tnllll'OViMg daily, l)lile ,)f lh'.-:t Imlli('lllh) . 10eb. 21. 19o2. PROGRE88. I . . . THE . . . II I@ II I@ II , dENKINI tHOE 10, ii ,-,1, Scco.d Ave., .ear .laules St. . ll L;2:::L2;;;:;L_.i I '.m, I Patronize the old Reliable Carpet and THE JENKINS SHOE CO. _l Furniture House ! 519Second Ave,, Near James St. ][ .p_j.:( We have s(,,,,e very GOOD VALUES ill Men's. Women's }::l,!'.:';."' ,'--',', ./ and Chihh'en's Shoes, ill I)rol(en P ]L"ikl'i [ -I / , lines, that we are closi,lg out. i.;!i .[ ; It will flay you to see these i:','';+;'. i/ ....: l " het'ore buying slloes. ,=.I,;."' " ,. -- '! IN Till: SI'I'EI,'I'!I,' i'()liwr ()1" Till" 4 ! ;I 1 i, ,ll' 'iINlli Il{ Illl. ill :llld lf)l' th(' ( 't)llll[ 3 I)l' [' Jll. I-)O] )iI I'1111(qil NIIIII[Hq' IV. N-. :i It;5-1. NIH it'D Ill (hi' IIlltl[t'r of th(' .%hlrldiy \\;VhH, & IJqlll)l' ('HIll]HllIV. il ('lll'lHH'll{l()l(. 'l't) ;Ill W]lOlll it lllIl.l" ('tlllt'('l'll filial Io {Ill' ('r(qlil Ol'S filial ll][ hlivhl claims llg;l|llSt Tho .%luridLy \\;Vhl,, & ],iqu.r ('.HIIIHIIly. iI \\;Vll.h i IIJt o H COl'Ill)I'll t itlll. Nolh'o is horoll,y ivpn lhIII lht, nforc- silhl (.tH'l)lll'l(lioll ]111..4 li]p(I ill Illl  IH'Ii('V of I]le clol'k o1 the Sll])orhw ('olll'I )[' Iho Stl/lo ()t' \\;\'llshhltIHl. ill ;lIIll t'Ol' IlO ('ollll[.V ()tl Khla', Ils I)OlhioII, IH';13"hl; ' ;Ill Hl'(h.r di.I.n- ('l)l'l)ol'llthl K filial diss()lvlllg il (llldOl' lll((I I)y vii'(liD ,H ;oc[h)ll. -l:2Tl IIlld -t'-)75 )f ('hill)- icy ] of '|'ilh' XXI[I of lbll]luer's AlUm- TICKETS TO ALL Points East %IA SPECIAL SALE OF MISFIT CAR- PETS AT HALF PRICE. DAULTON CARPET CO. Established 1887. 1020 First Ave. 00ATCH MAKER AND JE00YELER , \\;Ve (lo the best wo]'k ivl Seattle. Have yt)n a V(ly nice e]oel that needs tel)airing? ],,..c us kw)w. V(" (.all for SalllO and del!vor Wiled do!le. We assure you of First Clas9 Work. B. ERB, 305 Main St., Seatt!e. WHY DO THE PEOPLE OF SIA'I'TI]- PATRONI ZE ]0b. B. Because He tdarrtes the Beat Line ot ltmler, gb$, Bnd reamerv 600ds In the State t:Ittql ('odv lill(l Slliltlles of \\;\'llshhlgt(nl. 'rho h(,nl'illg Oll said i)elilh)n '.,.'ill I)(, I h,'hl i)y tilt, .imlg.s (,t' lll' nfouoslHd (')((rl R'*)9 Ao'oen A+.o oaltl. t,Nx ;It tilt' ('olll'l lll)ll.t, of KI IE ('Ol %'. II I u,.,., v,,,,o,....,,, ivVlt* ULI.I| il. lhe I'lly ()t' S(.illIh. oi! h('" -I i'' )'I AI)I'II. .%.. [). 191)'-). o1' III 1111%" li[II('I' 'lhnt .................. Io whh'il Jl I1(11%" [)(' ])osl])Oll()d I) 3' lht' I*( P II r- /  t. I at .iu(Ig('s. W( ball for ana UllVer vrompuv %- ] = 'Oll ; ' ] "l 0,, W o111 ) ,v0r, hi- I . t ' ) 'C V )  I I Ill)l)Olll' " la al the ,In .... Ind I)l;wo afor(,suid ()v (1 ....... l  ))ri.a aa t I%" 0 IOI i ' (, whi('h (' ' I 'll( Illl[V 1. I11|I IOQI / ,v I1 1# I)o' l)oslpoli('d L).l I](,' .]tt(lg('s. and shox" - ,,(,t Gent' Olothin Cleaned ('1111.'40. If tll(y lhoy hlIve. Wily llIi Ol'(lel' _ __ :dlmlhl lltll I., in;Ide .Ll';llll[llg lhe ])l'SYpl' Dyll alla Rel)alrlill. of lhe I)elllh.l(, nnd I)l't's('llt io sahl d(l(ll's 1007 Third Ave. SEATTLE .ii(l('h lllll[lel's l'Ol:l[tllg llltH'eh) llS 1 V. IIV lliw. I)P ('Olisi(]ei'ell 1(t Sill(1 ]iCllr[llg. ' ' i \\;'ilness. Ih(. Ihml)l'ill)h. lh)y(I J. Ts]l- iiinli. OilO of Iho jildge til' .liill SIIIWrlor t'()lll'l, illi(] Ihe lqil ()f .lihl ('Olll'[ hlwelo llt'llxlql lhl. SIh day ()f I,'eln'liliry. A. D. 1 9o2. ('. A. l{()l':l'l"lA, ('h!rk. (Seal) Ity A. l". I|AYMONI), i)el)ll I y I!hrk. WIIA,IAM ll. AI+LISON. .kitlOrllPy for ['etltiollel'. Dilte )f |h'si liilb]lt'ali()li. F(!b. I.i. 19117. OPOq ALL NI6HT TEL.MAIl1.1029 COLUNS FOLEYCO, ) Shortest, Quickest Line ST. PAUL, DULUTH, MINNEAPOLIS, CHICAGO. AN1) ALL I'OINTS EAST Through Palace and Tourist Slepers - Dining and Bffet Smoking Library Cars IIAII.Y 'I'lL\\;IN;4: FAST TI.%IF: SI.H'VI(:t.] ,\\;N]) SCI.:NI.H{Y I'NI,](21;AI,IJ'H). |"Or I{ales, l.'ohlers Illl(I I"llll |nfOl'lillllillll l'Ollil'il]ll  I']ilslOl'li Trip. call Oli Ol' address. S. (;. YI,:I<'I.I':S, A. II. ('. 1)I':NNIS'I'()N, ('. I'. & T.A. (;. W. l'. ;%. 612 FIRST AVENUE. SEATTLE, WASH. Tel. Main 49 Smith t Kennedy Corner eScond Ave. and James St., SEATTLE, WASH. Tel. Black 1621. Sole Agency for Wheeler & Wilson Domestic H. HANSON Carry Supplies for all Makes of Ma- chines and Repair Them Promptly. 215 COLUMBIA STREET. SEATTLE. - ..... WASH. Nicholas Schmitt, 706 Lenora St. J. R. Parker, notary public, residence, Hotel Virginia. PARKER & SCHMITT, Lawyer= and Proctor= in Adir=lty. Practice In a/I State and Federal Courts. 412 PACIFIC BLK. SEATTLE, WASH. ::::::::::::::::::::::::: ::--:==::=---::::::.'-:::-I=:--=:- ================================================ . WATCH US GROW , THIS MONTH WE IVIATURED NINE CONTRACTS. THIS MEANS THAT $9,000 GOES IN HOMES IN SEATTLE. THIS IS THE RESULT OF ONLY TWO WEEKS BUSINESS. RESULTS TALK. WATCH 4} FOR OUR SIGNS ON NEW HOUSES. [ z BEWARE OF IMITATORS Tile Western Home Building Association, 318-319 New York block, is the first and only company to l)uild - homes (!or the people in the State of Washington on the co-operative plan. It is the first association in the worhl to nlatnre every twenty-fifth contract. Imitation is the sincerest flattery, but notiflng succeeds like success. We will bnild you a home anywhere in the United States or Canada. i EVERYONE CAN OWN A HOME For $5.50 per month. The money applies on your loan. NO INTEREST! NO RENT. One man said yester- clay: "'I pay $18 rent, and it is the only money I hate to spend." How much .do you pay your landlord? Supl)ose yon make up your mind to stop paying rent and live in your own home, rent free. Our offices are on THIRD FLOOR, NEW YORK BLOCK i "I DrOll uil and get the names of Lne l)e.ople who are now building. Remember, we matnre one contract in t twenty-five--not one in fifty or one in one hundred--and also bear in mind that we are incorporated under 't* tile laws of tile State of Washington, and that we are building--NOT GOING TO BUILD--homes under the eo-ol)erative 1)tan. Here are some of the contract ttolders. Do you know any of them? I i t l[arry N. ltinker (2J, King st., Seattle Joseph Ilndon (2), Ballard, Wash. P. 1). Vanllenlark (2), 1406 1st ave. (Ins W. lhist (3), E. Tel'race ave. Ledyard C. Cross, 319 N. Y. block. .%h's. Van(lennu'k (2) 1406 1st ave 1[..M. Teel t2) 308 ]st ave. J. l). Clancy, 2018 4th ave. 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I". .%lillel'. ]0 ) Kill!.  sl.  WEST.ERN HOME B UILDING ASSOCIATION 3: i 3z8-319 New York Block, Seattle, Wash. , + ,,I  ::= = = ::: 4: =:= =:= =:,OOOOO ;..:-t- -. ,,'- +-t,,VO - ,'V,I, 4, .:+ .:V ,t, ,:, ,:, ++, ...,..:,.'.,,:.+,, ..:+.:...,,..:,.,:.',i: I C vid dis As Set' C -ti( hi m tha tell wh Th( 1"eli (;ha thr( sev obs the: It tile COlll lisil. serv ties plae, WOll] try. whel Chut the ( tain I(lio$ gree must of ba diers er. Cath( it we salt was It is ops a the h field great lies 1 actiol to be cannc done I)y th ln(3n ( be do: Let back there # ligion done, I)reae] than the o citizm will s "1)- find i] devot tile C l)llrl)ot the lai bishop ,i will b( ings o what t a step doctrir olic CI: first. Let ; uant a: religiol (,nl plar, which wlllcli : the pu public i Men Catholi quiet, : tel' hov+ uothing along v without i)y ther that th, that th( in,he An',lll f Amer'Ic for Am( ble rest: ous flgh of tile the full