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February 21, 1902     Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 21, 1902

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THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. ssia. ico "My shed Cal- l. m. II II a t L- I m - B 0 f f f f f P f ) ) i f p ) p P ) ! I ! ) Cb galb01ic Pr0grtss Is the OFFICIAl, ORGAN of the CATII- OLIC ORDER OF FORESTERS, Washing. tom State Court, and of the YOUNG MI,]N&apos;S INSTITUTE, Northwestern Jurisdiction. Y. M. I Supreme Representative Francis A. Garrecht, Walls Walls, Wxl. GRAND OFFICERS, 1900-1902. Grand Chaplain, Rt. Rev. E. J. O'De, Bishop of iesqually, Vancouver, Wash.; Graad President, W. H. Weber, Walls W'alla, Wash.; Flret Vice President, Rev. J. A Fauste, Cileney, Wssh.; Grand Sec- ond Vice-President, Justin S. Butler, Butte, Mont.; Grand Secretary, A. J. Bookmyer, Moreland, Wnl. Michel, T. H. Comer- ford, E. E. Weinberger, Chas. F. Kin- Icy, Fenton D. Foley. There were a number of visiting nlonlbel's ])resent who addressed the (!Oul't I]uder good of the order. Tllese wore: ,1. A. Fradette. of Tacoma, state organizer; J. F. McDomiell, of Bal- ha'd: Mr. l)esilets; of Wisconsin, and Mr. l)'A(mst, of Sp()ieane. BALLARD. St. Alp]lenses Court. No. 1273, C. O. V.. at its l'(gllht] ' n}eeting held on Sun- Settle, Wash. ; Grand Treasurer, Frank av, tile lt;lh inst., a(lol)ted the folh)w- Tlerney, Walls Walla, Wash. : Grand Mar- *hal, Noel Collln, Nanalmo, B.C. ing reso]lltions: .... \\;Vb(,reas, Sin('(, the last lneeting .. ,',1)I)IRECTORS. ()1 our Colzrt we, its menibers, ]lave , l,hn F. Smith, Kamloops, B. C.; James Casey, %Valla Walls, Wash.; ]ward with feelings of most sineere had stances are. rare whe]'e Catholic. ehil- (h'en are found attending tile lnlblic schools ef the colony, l)ean Grogan cited but two (hu'ing his long resi- dence in Nal)ier, and the parents of tbose tml)ils were at length l)ersuaded to withdraw lhe]n from lhe public .ehool hn(I I)la('e theln in tim t)arish st,heel, st) that now no Catholi(,. child, receives (,the, than a ]'eligious trai[ling in Nal)ier. TIll,; I'AI{IS[t SCHOOl. With 1)ar(lonal)le pri(le I)can (ll'Ogall colnnlelito(] u])Oll ibis con(litioll ill New Zea]iind coT/l]'uste(] with Ill(! ill- diH'erl,n,,,e of Catholi(. I)arents in this COlllllry. Catllolics of tlle colOlly, like Catboli,% hi the states, share (be bur- (Jell O[ I)lll)lic tttxatioll for I)llhlic , B. Bzown, Spokane, Wueh.; R. F. Me- regret or i,he death of one who s(.llools hilt tlw n inll mnce of tic Ikey, Rosslaud, B. C.; T. J. Ivers. Se- Itile, Wash. be(onle Very nlncll endeared to us. as parish Fchool ill New Zealand is o1 YOI'NG MIgN'S INSTITUTE. the l)()ssessor of all those sterling and more iqH)oriance lhan any other .... upright qualities that make the true churell institutilm, either religious or Seal(lc Colnici] N-. 492- Presidenl, 1)1'. nlan---,liirotller Pet(,r Henry, of Nes- (;harital)le. Oi1 tile st:ore of secular l)anlel llucklcy; Rcc()r(lhlg Secretary, Felix Mootz. Mecls eve'y Thursdlly evening Ill A. (lnally Collrt, No. ]l-Jl; and O. U. W. hall, l)hmeer block. "\\;Vhereas, vre, in all especial man- Delller's (Olll cl , NI) ] 54, f Ii lvsnlIIll It. C.--l'resident Thou. ()'C(mnell; "Re(.'dlig llel', S]lOllld deel)iy nlourn his death, SecL'eH ry, ltobert White. I)eeause it was by him this Court was ........ organized--a work which we hop'e will CATHOLIC ORDER OF FORESTERS. always remain as an honorable tril)- STATE OFFICERS 1901-1903. Ilte to his lnemory; therefore, it is iltate Chief Ranger, J. J. Daley, pokane, "Resolved, That we extend to his Wish. ; State Vice-Chief Ranger, J. T. lnother and relatives our deepest sym- Rellly, Unlontown, Wash. ; State Secretary, pathy ill their great loss, and Ixpress R. L. Crosby, Tacoma, Wash. ; State Treaa- erer, T. C. Fields, Everett, Wash. the hol)e that our doing so may even Amerieau system of giving a hey a Stlte Truatees--J. A. Fradette, Tacoma, in a small degree be a consolation to Iria] on the assumption that "the proof Waeh. ; We. Walsh, Everett, Wesh. ; T. J. them and help them bear the 1)urden of the 1,adding is in the. eating." For lye,s, Seattle, Wash.. International Delegate--T. J. Ivers, Se- of their sad affliction; and it is further a long time the Catholi(,s of New attic, Wash. "Resolved, That a COl)y of these Zealand were handicap])ed on this ac- ......... resohltions 1)e nlailed to his motller, count, because tile certificates of Cath- CATIIOLI(' ()ItDER OF FOItESTI,IIS. .Mrs. Thomas Henry; a copy embodied olic schools (lid not ])ear tile iml)rint .'I ........ in tlle minutes of this meeting, and one of tlie public l)oard of education or its SEATTLE, WASH. . .... also sent to the Catholic Progress for executive officer. Seattle, Wash.---Nesqually Court, No. publication." 1141 meets eve'y first and third Monday evening at Elks' hall hi the Colman block. A nlass was offered up on last Chief Ranger, M. D. Leehey : Recording Wednesday morning at St. Alphonsus Secretary, A. J. Bookmyer. Church for the repose of Brother Hen- TACOMA, WASH. ry's soul by the Rev. Gustave Achter- gael. spiritua! director of the Court ": Tacoma, Wash.---Olympic Court, No. 928, of Catholic Foresters in this city. meets every second and fourth Thursday evening at Maccabee hall in the Wallace block. Chief Ranger, A. A. Aya; Reeord- Ing Secretary, Aug. Von Boecklin. MARIST FATHERS IN NEW ZEA- LAND. 8POKANIm, WAS. Very Rev. Dean Grogan, S. M., of duties in 1)nblic schools. His observa- Napier, New Zealand, spent a few days Spokane, Wash.r--lgt. Paul Court, No. 708. i Chief Ranger, A. L. Tllllsch; Recording at All Hallows college in Salt Lake, Secretary. ieaving Tuesday night for the east. Years ago, in Dundalk, Ireland, when SNOHOMISH, WASH. Snohomish, Wash.--Victory Court, NO. Father Larkin was but a boy and Dean .;J meets every second and fourth Tuesday Grogan a young Inan just entered into evening in Foresters' hall. ,Chief Ranger, Thou. Smith; Recording Secretary, F. J. holy orders, the clergyman and the Ore. bo'y beeane fast friends. Perhaps the ,L influence of that friendship led Father Ballard, Wash.--St. Alphonsuu Court, No. 1273, meets every first and third Snnday Larkin to choose the vocation offered evening at Macabee Temple. Chief Ranger, by Holy Church. This however, , Maurlce Burk; l{ecordlng Secretary, ,John F. MeDonnell. is only conjecture. At any rate, the ............... boy becante a pltest like his elder, and I W. C. O.F. like llim he ('hose the order of Mary SEATTLE, WASH. and became a Marist Father. After l Star (K the Sea Court, No. 510, meets t.he lapse of a quarter of a century, every firs( and thh'd Monday evening in Union hall, Pacific block. (hief Ranger, these natives of Dundalk again meet, Margsret Graves; Recording Secretary, M. the ehler a vicar general of a diocese Brogan. ill far off New Zealand; his host the i BALLARD, WASH. ' president of a Catholic college in these St. Anthony's Court No. 540--Chief : Ranger, Mrs. Agnes McDonald; Recording nlountaius, conducted Beretary, Mrs. Catharlne O'Shea. A. o. It. l)lvlslov No. 1 --Ancient Order of I11- e(hl(.al ion, I)ean ( z'()gau says the Catholic s(.lleols rank with the 1)est :l)ul)li( s(,hl)ois, and in the fifth grade t]ley ('ll;illellgO (:onllletitive exalnini- tion with the governlllellt iustitlLtions. The fift]l gTa(le Catholic s(hools are the best ill lhe colony. Ill Nqw Zealand tile l:}rtish of giviag Ollt situations (;ii ;1;(/comnien- dations largelY. 01)iains i]lstead of the Tile. signatllre, of a priest to a pupil's (liploma did not (OlUlt tlnong P]'otestant enll)loyers, a great many believing that the 1)riest wouhl naturally give a Catholic schl)lar a good send-off. Tllis hardship has been largely removed 1)y a hlw reqllil'- ing the visit of the public school super- intendeut to tile parochial schools and his pI'ee.nce at examinations when eomI)]iance deed not trespass uiion his tions are made a part of tbe report upon public education and his remarks conceding the excellence of fifth grade teaching in the parochial schools has elevated Catholic education in the Pro- testant mind. At least, it has enlarged the opportnnities of the Catholic stu- dent and removed the obstacles to genteel elnployment prevailing under the ohl custom. A Catholic certificate is just as good as any other, so far as it indicates fitne:s for the employment SOILght. REFORMS TOO RAPID. The reporter observed that the lloint was well taken. AIISOIA'I'E POVI2,I:UrY UNKNOWN. l)welli]lg upon conditions in New Zealand, l)ean Grogan said its I)eol)le l'(]il'eSellhK] gell(l'ii] ('ontelll an(1 stea(ly I)rOs]leri(y. Absolute poverLy was IIn- kll(iwn, and exallll)lct o[ great wealth W(q'e rare. Ill Ill) COlllltry ill the wolld W(!l'e wor](illKlllel} St) in(hq)en(lelll aIl(] l.,rotecied st} strl)ngly by legishl(ion. The l'e(('ilt ];IW l)ellsio]lillg (Ih] lllell, lie Fti(], w:ls olle of the I)esl l'l!atlll'es oil lhis l)aU.,rnal legishttion, ;tll(l ah'eady ha(i (i(!nlonstl'a((!d its Wis(iolll ill I'(qhl(. ]ll tilt' Kovernlllelll ex])e]lFes I'Ol' lnaiIl- tenallee of dged ])aul)ors in institu. lion:L ll', So(hlon, t]|e l)relllier Of New Zotlla nd. ill l)(!a]l (] FOgall'S ()i)in iou , \\;%qls el]t, ()f the nlost reluar].:able |l]ell (his c(Hltlll'y ]laS ])l'O(]llce(1. The el)pc- si(ioll ]);ll'ty was S0 weak as to (:ount fo]" ah]lost notlling. This is another feature ()f New Zeabu|d polities at va|'i- an(.c with th(, broad views of ])can (h'ogan, who considers lhat gove.'n- nt(mt is I)est alhnillistere(i when l''- strahle(] by the preseilcc of an at'live Ol)l)osition p.'.t|'ty. However, Mr. Seal- doll ]las l)l'ove(I binlself of inestinlab]c value to New Zealand, and it is c||]'- .rcl|tl." 'epoz'ted there that ]|e will be nanlcd tlS gove,]'nof of Solltil All'lea Ul)On tha eonc]|lsion of the ]leer war, in |'eeoguition of Ms services to the British (rown. I)ean (Irogazl is (lelighted with this ('out|try, thougl| all lie saw of it was eove|'ed I)y the distance f|'om San lralleisc,) to Salt Imke, Ul) to the night of our interview, a week ago. Vather 1.arkin :|nd his guest paid it visit, to Park City on Monday.--Interniountain Catholic. ROBIN. A robin oUce bl|ilt i nest ill a tree, And each (lay it cheerily sang' to nle: i Eal'ly at morn before the sunrise; Before I wouhl even ol)en my eyes. That robin WO|lhl sing, anti the eclm WOll]d ring, Far off on the hill near the cool flow- ing spring, And that echo |'esounded from forest to rill, El'ill in fancy l heal" that sweet sound still And I thought I ne'er had suell a friend Sueh a charm to my life he eve|" did lend, The tree in which the nest was built Was so near to the bouse I almost could reach it When l stood at the window upstairs. And I often looked down as he chant-: Desiring to learn ])ean Grogan's ed his airs, ' views on the eeononlie conditions of While his quaint little mate sat thel'e the colony, the hitermountain Catholic and ate reporter turned the conversation ill Of the insects he brought both early that channel. The priest was not so and late. optimistic as his lay inquisitor, who by Marist Fathers. declared in his opinion New Zealand Dean GrogalTs missionary labors in furnished the only exantple of rational New Zeahuid extend over it period of 'seialism in govel'nment. I)ean Gro- gan, while warmly eommending some of the reforms lately introduced and in operation in the colony, thougbt that others wouhl stand or fall through the test of experiment. Reforms were fol- lowing each other too fast to give them permaneuce, and conservatives were complaining that paternalism in gov- ernlnent was encroaching Ul)On the do- main of the family and the individual, Dean Grogan, while believing in the h'on law of the survival of the fittest, perceived the difficulty of repealing laws made in the nature of experiment after they had been for some time In Olleratlon. For example, he cited fe- male suffrage, which obtains in New Zealand as it does in Utah. Dean Gro- gan has an exalted opinion of woman, but it is the Christian home woman, and not the woman in politics. Na- turally the wife voted as the husband was inclined or directed. It would be imprudent on her part to do otherwise, and might be the first slgn of trouble in a hitherto quiet family. For these reasons, Dean Grogan did not favor female suffrage, and the great majority of the Catholic clergy were of his mind. "Not Cardinal Moran, however," in-i terrupted the reporter. "Cardinal Moran as well as myself," replied Dean Grogan, "Then a selection published in the Intermountain Catholic some months ago must be entirely misleading," said the reporter. "The information was derived from one of your own papers. It described Cardinal Moran as exhort- ing his people to go to the polls, and mentione(l the nuns as eager to cast the ballot. For this purpose a booth had been set up In the convent yard." "That is all true," said Dean Grogan. "The nuns voted as described, without leaving the convent grounds, and Cath- olic women were urged to avail them- selves of the franchise. But all this does not prove that Cardinal Moran and a majortty of the Catholic clergy favor female suffrage. It simply showed that a condition obtained through female suffrage which might result in harm to Catholics if they neg- lected to take advantage of the fran- chise. For our own protection, we availed ourselves of a law that was not of our own making, as the lesser of two evils." bernlans---l'resident, Jas. P. Lavln; Re- twenty-three years, part of which was cording Secretary, l'. J. O'Casey; Finan- cial Secretary, M. ]larrington. Meets in spent antong the Maoris, the aborigines the hall of Our Lady of Good Help. of that ('.ountry; but for over seventeen .......................................... years he has been parish priest of St. YOUNG MEN'S INSTITUTE, Patrick's cllureh in Napier, a thriving on the coast The church is one: Seattle Council, No. 492. of the finest in the colony. Part of the The last meeting of Seattle Coun- money used for its erection was con- oil was a very interesting one and tributed from the personal means of its the attendance was much larger than: pastor and from relatives in the United for some time previous. In the ab-: States and Ireland. In an address pre- sence of President Buckley, Mr. J. F. sented by the people of the parish on Branigan presided, and performed the the eve of his departure, the entire duties of chairman with ease and dig- credit for the erection of the beautiful nity. edifice was given to Dean Grogan. The membership contest which had The venerable Marist bid his congre- been under way in the Council for the gation adieu for a year, during Which past few weeks has brought good re- time he will revive memories of na- sults, and a number of new members tire land and renew friendships and have heen added to the roster, meet relatives in this country. This The meeting this week promises tol is his first visit to the United States. be a treat of a literary character, as Dean Grogan impresses the visitor at that time Messrs. Lavin and Book- at once. Time has dealt kindly with myer will endeavor to enlighten the this h'ish priest, but perhaps the ell- members with a discourse on "Civil mate of New Zealand may have lent Government." its aid to scatter the worries falling to men of his age. He is a man in CATHOLIC ORDER OR FORESTERS. voice and appearance not unlike Arch- bishop h'eland, without the haughty Nesqually Court, No. 1141  manner of the St. Paul prelate. No Last Monday Nesqually Court held] person knowing both would mistake its second regular meeting in the new Dean Grogan for Archbishop Ireland, quartersElks' hall. The change of yet there is something undefinable in quarters has been very beneficial in the former which reminds one of the several respects. The hail being the latter, in the first moments after intro- best in the city, gives a sort of tone duetion. Perhaps it is the careful de- to the court that it lacked in the other, livery of matured opinion. Perhaps ad the seating capacity is such that it is the broadness of view which both the members must come out in big churchmen take in conversational in- numbers as a few would be lost among quiry and expression. At any rate, in the chairs, talking with Dean Grogan you feel In order to preclude the possibility that you are talking to some one whose of a poor attendance, a big attempt knowledge is not confined to theology, is being made to double the member- and whose study of cause and effect ship durtng this and the succeeding goes beyond the boundaries of a par- quarter. As an evidence of good faith ish in New Zealand. In this respect no less than eight up- The Chureh in that country, accord- placations were presented at the meet- ing to Dean Grogan, is making re- ing, while one candidate, Mr. Gordon markable progress, but not more rapid McDonald, was initiated and one mere- than'Catholic education. This element be,, Mr. P. J. McDonald, 'formerly of of religious progress Dean Grogan re- St. Paul, was admitted on transfer, gards as the most essential to preser- Theit meeting will certainly wit- ration of the faith and virtue of the ness-i; lle introduction of more than citizen. In New Zealand the parish double this number of applications and school is the chief feature, beautiful the membership of the court should be churches a secondary consideration. increased by fifty by April 1st. The Every church has a parish school, in following are the candidates whose ap- many there are two sehools, and the plications were filed at last meeting: i largest proportion of teachers are men A. R. McLeod, p. j. Sullivan, R. F.]and women of the Marlst order. In- One (lay 1 peeped fronl the window above While Robin was singing sweet songs of love ; And I spied in the nest an egg of pale blue Tl|at was laid by the mate of this robin so true: And each day as I looked I counted one more, Until in the nest tbe eggs numbered four. And then on the nest the quaint little mate, One morning I wakened with first ray of light, And looked out to see if all was just rigM, With my deal" little neighbor up in the tree, For I heard a voice that was calling "chee, chee;" And I saw in the nest four little birds: And I knew that "chee, chee," were the words O'f the lullaby sung by that mother so sweet. As they rocked in their nest to quiet sleep One day a cat climbed up ill that tree, A cat that was naughty, as naughty could be ; And he killed that pool' mother and lit. tie ones too, DANCING CLASSEIL P. J. McDonald. E.D. MeDonal& Monday and Friday Prof. TVilson's School. Ranke Hall. Private leasol McDONALD VEHICLE AND IILEMENT CO daily. STUDEBAKER WAGONS, CAll- A .................. RIAGES AND HARNESS. IN 'l'tll,] Sl'i)Eltl()l ('()I'IUI' ()F 'l'llE General Line of FARMING IMPLB- [tli(, ,)| vllsllIilI(nL ['()r Kill ('Ollll{V. hi l)r()hHh ,. N(). ::71(;. I MENTS. Ill tilt' ]llllth!r Of Ill(' ('H:tte o{' I;II,[IIVIIS ]". Ihl('h[la]ler. d(,('eas(,il. N(dh(, (ff film, IIii(l I,]:ll'(' iIp]H,ili{('([ J'Ol' '41qll('lillqil (If [[llil] II('('(illlll Of ;IdlllhlINII)il II'iX. iilid helil'hi,,7 llelilh))i for dlv.ll'llllllhlli, hi Ihc Illilli(,r lit ilii eSlilli,. Th(q.(,ll i thlvhhlilll,l'. ;Idiiiillislrlill'iX, hiivhig Jill I.'(,I) I I'IIHI'V I:;Ih. ;%. I). ']!t(l*', I(,illi(,l'(ql ;llld tH'e r l'llI+'ll rllr Sel I hqiielll illill Iih,d hi Ihis ('Olll'l lil,i' lina] ;iQ('(llliiI fIN sllch :ldlllhlis ll'lill'lx. 1<)14'lqhei' ;vllh ]li,i' Velqlhql I)01ilh)il iluil liio i'(,si(liil, of .'qihl (,Slill(, bo i in Irlll)lliql ;inilniK l)il! t)0i'S+iliS ('lililled Ili(,i'(! Io, illl(I I]il! t'Olll'l lnivliiR' II i )li[liled lhe Ihiil, Hill lihl( '' hol'(qli sI I('(I for ihe s(, 1 ]lqilOlll li I" Slll'h li('ci)lllil, ;ilid holli'illK i)r nill i)!lili(ili. ;iil(I dh'P('hql Ihiil iiolh,t, }io  IvIql : X',)Ii('I' i! hel'el)y Ki;en Ihlil Friday, Mlil'ch l-tlh. .%. II. 191i7, 111 !l,:l(l o'clock ii. lii.. Ill IhP COlll'l rl)Olll ()i (h'])ai'tlll(!]l| .0, -I. in IIw COllrl ]lolie of Khig' (!()illily, hi lii0 viiy of Siqill]0, "Qi'il;llilil,ioii, Ilii, I)l,eli ;i I) l)ohih,(I ll lhe liln(, lili(l lilnce for lho el II(qll(,lll (ll' lihl ilcCi)llill and h(qirl]i ill .ilid l)(,llli()li f;)l' (lilril)llli()ii. I):ll[ql i]ii; I:llli (hiy of IN,hl'ii;il'y. .%. II, I lii)". I'. .%. K()EI'I,'I,I, ('lerk." lly 11. I.. Sl(!l{l.lqS, I)(,puly ('h'rk. I()lilqlUrs & 1Aqlqlll*:Y, .% i i lll.ll0.1. flil. ..(hnhilsl ra l i'ix. 7(i.i New "forl.: llh)l,l, Selllllc. ---- . .=='=.. _'2= Z,:,.._:i ..... =z ..... . I,'h'sl lUll)liclllh)ll, t,'obrul i"," It_ 19i)2, C. M. Pessemier SPFCIALIST IN FOOTWFAR DI2 Second Ave. Seattle, Wn. 912-916 Western Ave., Seattle, Waoh. Telephone Main 742. /residence 512 Tenth Av. H. M00tz Builder of ALTARS, PULPITS, PEWS, &c. Estimates and plans Furnished on "Ai) P I l ciiil o-"T', Seattle, Wn. Tr. abl Ullcad$ and Provisions OUr dallics 15none BUFF 72 A. PRUDHOMMEAUX Crab  liliPlll 321 Pike St. StMfl{,RWllih. Pacific Coast Steamship Company Owning and Operating a Full Fieel tT SUBSCRIBER8 ARE REQUE8TED TO KINDLY MENTION THE CATH OLIC PROGRESS WHEN BUYINt FROM THE FIRMS WHO ADVER TISE IN THE8E COLUMNS. FIRST CLASS STLtSltlPS Betweea-- Alaska, Washington, Oregon, California Full Information reltJl te uJLIIBIB, i agent of the comlmay, or GOODALL, PERKINS & CO., General Agents. SAN FRANCISCO CAt.., Washington Electric Supply & Mantel 0 A. R. PINKNEY, Manager, ':. Mantel& tllee, grates, dynamos, motor repalrln I and combination flztures, house wiring, gas mantels, chim- neys, lamps, etc. 716 Third Ave Phone, Maln T45. Mack Davis. D.G. O'Brlen. If 0il Have an Axe to Grind See USL . 00Grind ! .81 " 8 We are Headquarters for ..... ' MECHANICAL TOOLS, BUILDING MATERIALS and SPORTING GOODS. ", R000000',nier Hardware Company 1121 First Avenue. Seattle, Waab. While poor Robin circled about as he NOTHING BUT HIGH QRADE IOODL flew; For naught couhl he do to protect his NOTHING BUT FIRST-CLA88 WOR KMitNIIHIP. poor mate, And he could but fiy to prevent the same fate. And he sang such sad notes the rest of the day; It saddened my heart and to tears I gave way. THEO. H %BERNAL MERCHANT TA, I LOR. 1111 llaeond Avem. And each morn I dreaded to hear the L,It'kltJi/'lllN,. I sad note That he sang as soon as he i'ah'ly awoke. And I mourned with that mourner, Till the days they grew warmer, Then for other climes I saw him de. part, But he sang one sad song before he did start ; And I knew by that song his heart It was broken, As well as though In words .he had spoken. Mrs. E. C. Rocheford. BAROAINSI JOHN NOGLEBERG ARTIST REMOVED TO 1325 FIRST AVF- Everything sold at Cut Prices to advertise New Location. Photos Enlarged Frames Made to Order New Art Novelties now on Sale. Remember the place, 1325 First Av nue, between Union and Uni, il i :!i {!7