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February 21, 1902     Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 21, 1902

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!}&apos; w 21,, ` .,. p, "The Germans ill general, and the {:be gatb01w rr00r$s Catholic Gcrnuuminlmrticallar, inspite of their great numlmrs in the Fedora- WEEKLY. lion of I.abor, have manifestly not file Office. Zhil Ilom', Melrolmlllan IHock, 3rd and Main. ] smallest inlluenc, e. The clergy are. naturally, {+ware of the danger which Sanctloncd by Bishop O'Dea threatens lhe faith of the nlemhcrs Establlsbed March, 1899. o1' labor llIlions, Its nl(qlliolt(M el)eve, Devoted to the propagathm of Catholic bill hitherto uothing has hal)p(qlCd to precepts and the gathering of Catholic nlake plain the fact that those labm' uews. llllions SllOul(1 serve e(,ononli(' anti SO- T. J. IVERS, A. J. BOOKMYER, publilh- ('ill] tmrpos('s, and not for tll( stirring era aud proprietors. Iz 1) of relish)us ennlity and tile (lissenl- (nation nf atlwistic ln'in(,illtes, $i.50 Per Year. 5c Per Copy. Th(, Calholic Chur(,h "has at last ................ tak(ql (.ognizan('(' of th(, systenlatic News matter is solicited Matter for baiting of its m(mlb(u's and of the gublication should reach the editor by Wednesday of each week to Insure pub- ::tmlses carl'i(.d on by i)olitical wire-i lloll.tlon on the following Friday. 1)llllers \\;vllhlll t111 federation el La- i .......................... llor. 1 REMITTANCES. "A Ca(hell(' iiriest, Dr. A Heitcr, de- Icnllt.tauces sllould bc made by peat+ ace or express money orders, draftn or reg- ]i\\;'q'od a (]isCOllr'( ell i it' I Ith O' islered letters and made payable to '.['he i Progress I'ubllshlng Company. at intry h(,for(! a vast asselnblagc. : Subscriber.= removing (rum one place to whi('h sb(>wed a l)rofo/tnd stll(ly of another, and desiring papers changed, should always give former as well as pres- lh(, I'll)or question and invited to l)rac- .eat address, tical action through the foullding of ............... nlon's Catholi(' lal)or unions. NOTICE. "l)r. Heiter takes his position, natu- NO one la authorized to collect money or subscriptions or advertisements or to rally, Ul)On the Catholic standpoint., oollclt for the same without showing a and defends parti('ularly the cncy('li- written power of attorney, sigm by the sditor. ('Ills of the 1)resent pope upon the hl- Advsrtislng rates will be gives on ap- bor question. This he does with a pilcatlon. 'the Catholic Progress Is printed and hlcidity and energy which must bear tbbllshed every Friday by The Progress good fruit. lishlng Company. "Every indcl)endent thinker has sonic views II])()ll the. so-called 'social POPE LEO ON TIIE CATIIOLIC i'BESS, question." A Catholic newspaper In 'a parish Is a VVc do not accept all tile conchlsions Berpetual mission. Let all who truly and of the reverend slleaker, and into the bern their emuls desire that religion and donlain of religion, naturally, we can- amelety defended by human intellect and Mtarature should flourish, strive by their not follow llim. But we sitars his opin- W=erallty to guard and protect the Ca(h- ion that tile atheistical social Dome- die proem, and let every one in proportlona lid his Income support them with his money crats who, on every band, more and 12alnffuence, for to thole who devote selves to the Catholic press we ought nlor( rule the labor movement, stand II me=as to bring helps of this kind, no 1)ossibh * cllance of solving tile in- .out which their Industry will either tricate prol)lem satisfactorily. results or uncertain and mlr- oneL POP] LEO ]rill. Through this inlmoderate halting they only lnaic their blinded followers , BI41--B-oP-o'DB-A'Id ENDORsEMINT OF unhal)py. They excite a foolish COY- THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. etousness which they cannot satisfy. * * "Ths (Catholic( Progress hal They roll the unfortnnatos of tile hope I a grand work, fraught with the great- of s better life, of contentment, and 4toed, May it continue under the prop- 0f lidanc% remain wlthln the nat uralllm tile confidence Ill self-help. The mot-'  without icrluce O[ erie i, oteatJ, t,v ,.ax tlllUIollc tehlng, feeling and opinion, and: t' "pray and work," is an abomlna- I viii prove a powerzm factor for good. tlon to them. I for the Y. M. I. and the whole church If they wore able to bring about a l oT e great Northwt...EDWARD J. O'DEA, social revohltion and come out of it "Bimha of NeMaally." victorious, they would still be unable to divide the products of labor so as The Knights of Columbus in one of to give general satisfaction, and so the large Eastern cities have engaged the last case would be worse than the the services of a Paulist Father for a first. mission to non-Catholics. This is a The reader will see that in these re- new field for Catholic societies, but it marks we have held ourselves aloof is an excellent one. from religious arguments. These we leave to tlle clergy. That they have The student, the philosopher, the at last taken a decided stand against saint are solitary men and women, the propaganda of atheistic socialism High qualities of soul find no nourish- in the labor unions we believe to be ment in the atmosphere of triviality right and proper.. In this they are and frivolity, fulfilling only their simple duty. The season of Lent is designed to LEO XIII. give the spiritual man supremacy over the physidal, the carnal man. Mas-: The most prominent, most venerable tory can be gained only through ef- and unquestional)ly the most enlight- fort. Passive minds are slaves and ened historical personage of our day not masters--hence, strive, is His Holiness Leo XHI. His biog- raphy tllerel'ore shouhl he the all-ab- Does your mind Inlnger and thirst sorbing theme of the stndent of his- after justice, and excellence, and tory. power? These are the fruits of effort. Joachim Vincent llaphael Lades(co Prayer, meditation and endeavor are Pecci was born at Carp(caste on recommended now as ]enten exer- cises. March 2, 1810. His father was Do- menico Lodovico Pecci. and his moth- This is the season of misplaced con- el" Anna Ponl)eri Bltzi. The boy Vin- flaence and overestimated influence, cent, as he was called by Iris mother More honest)' and less diplomacy will was sent, together with his brother improve our politics. Josepr, to the Jesuit college of Viterbo in 1818, and remained there until 1824. The political pot is commencing to boil and each side is charging the They afterwards attended a college other with all kinds of sharp practice, at Rome, and Joachim was always Factions, while demoralizing to a among the first in his class, winning party, are tmually beneficial to the many prizes. When he had reached public and the local situatfon may his fourteenth year his pious mother likewise be improved, die(I. He still continued his studies, and when he had completed theology Citizenship is a duty, not a privi- he far surpassed his fellow classmates lege. It is not marketable, Now is in this sacred science. the time for every voter to consider On the last day of the year 1837 Car- how much his citizenship is worth to him and seriously determine how his dinal Odescalchi conferred the order vote will benefit the city and so his of priesthood on Joachim Pecci, and own interests, the following day he offered up. for the first time, the holy sacrifice of the We hear rumors of impending mass. In February, 1838, he was ap- strikes. What for? We had an expe- pointed governor of the provence of rience last year that should be con- Bevevento. A short time after he was sidered. Isn't it enough to be doing seized with typhoid fever, and it was well, three times as well as these men greatly feared that his death was near. were doing three years ago? Must Prayers were offered for his recur- unrest and greed thwart the contin- uance of prosperity and the promise ery in Bevevento and at Rome, and of more rapid growth of our city? these prayers seemed certainly to have been heard, for he was soon well, and The library commission has again attending to his accustomed duties. met and adjourned without selecting He was consecrated Archbishop of a site. In the meantime the situation Damietta on February 27, 1843. On is made more difficult by the offer of Wednesday, the 20th of February, 1878, other locations. However, of all the he was elected Pope under the name sites offered there is but one that is of Leo XIII. He obtained several votes an ideal site--the corner of Madison over the required number, and when and Fourth avenue. asked if he would receive his elec- FROM OUR GERMAN EXCHANGES. tton as the Supreme Pontiff of the Catholic Church, he at first complain- Translated by Martina Johnston. ed of his own unworthiness, but, see- The Church and the Labor Movement. ing that the electors.were determined that he should be their choice, he Under this title the non-Catholic humbly submitted to the Divine will. Staats Zeitung lately writes very sen- Leo XIII. has devoted his life, next stbly as :follows: "Although a few la- te the divine Interests of sonls, to the bur leaders have declared that religion is a private and personal affair, it is culture and advancement of letters nevertheless true that most of the and science. He is even now one of 'field marshals of the regiments of Is- the most learned scholars of the pros- bur' are malignantly hostile to the ent or of the past. His Encyclical Let- Church and its influence. If any one ters are said to be masterpieces of lit- doubts this statement, he has only to erary composition, and models of the read the so-called qabor newspapers,' most exquisite Latin. It is acknowl- whose flagrant insults to religion, the edged of this Pontiff that no other Church and the clergy will soon con- teacher of late centuries has uttered since him of the fact. such pregnant, needful and far-roach- "The working men who belong to the church often find themselves in ing words of inspired wisdom. All ac- the company of persons who denounce knowledge that if Ccristian society those who believe in God as block- and Christian civilization are to sub- heads and tile priesthood either as su- sis(, it must be on the basis laid down perlative idiots or hypocritical swin- by him in his wonderful En'cyclical, u,ers. Del.' THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. Leo XII[. has (always l)ccn all advo- cate and l)ronmter of thorough education for tile l/eol)le its well as for the leading (,lasses. Examples of this are the work that he ac+hicved in l'erugia and what, he has earnestly endeavored to a.conll)lish at Ronle, where he is layering under such great dufllculties. JOSEPH QUINN. '04. Seattle (?ollog(', Feb. 17, 1902. "OOES IT PAY TO PRAY?" At, it r, wcting of the Y. M. C. A. in an I,]astorn oily last "week tllt+ question for discllssion ,,,,'its: "l)eos it Pity to Pray?" Tim nlalnlgers of tll(! niglll.'s (!nlcrtllillincnt weI'L' till'aid thlll; they ('()lll(] not obtaill ally fl'iHl(ls for tlle llcgativo of the ln'OllOsition, I)ut l(I their itlnilZClllf'nl tilcy discovered i ilat li vcry great nl0ny i)rcscnt:',@ere slrongly and honestly of the ol)inion tlmt prayer WaS iiso]ess, and nlol'( than ilsclcss, beCllllSe irrationill lind al}surd, Pro- "cssor Pearson of tile Northwestern univcrsity of Cllicago (Methodist) in his book, "The Shcllhcrd Prol)het." de- (.lared l iJat 1)raycr nlay be good as a ionic or cnllllsicnt to Ii cons(.icnc rlln down or a spirit seeking consolation: it s barren of results outside the sl)here of ils direct action; (qln neither change the order of gracc nol' affect tic ('OUlSC of' natural cvents; and is, conscqucntly limited to inlnlcdiate phy- sical effect, i t'rotcstants worshll) (,od. l hey pro-] (,lainl their obligations to Him, and! flier thank Hinl. But they never ask I]im for anything. They do not think tie is in a I)osition to grant thenl ally favors, and they conseqnently (to not think it is right for tllcm to ask Him for ally. They do not see how God couht answer their prayers without a miracle; and riley do not believe in nliraclcs. The laws of nature are fixed and inlmutable, an[i no interfer- ence with them is possible without a smashup of all nature. God is worshipful becanse He is good; but He is good, and no thanks to Him. He could not be otherwise than good. Then why thank Hfm? As well thank the spring for its bright- ness. As well thank the winter for being cold and the summer for being warm. As well thank the trees and grass for being green and the sky for being blue. As well thank the water for running down hill and the mists for lifting in the morning, as thank God for doing what He cannot help doing, and for what He will do whether we like it or not. Protestants will not ask God for any- thing because the granting of their prayer would interfere with the laws of nature. They belteve ill a future life, and they did not hesitate to ask for favors ill the world to come. But are there no laws governing life in l that world to come? I's it all chaos ind confnsion there? If the future world is better than this, more peace- ful and more orderly--for order is heaven' first htw--we must conclude that it is above all things a worhl of law. If God cannot interfere with the flaws here, how call l-]e interfere with the laws there? If it is irrational to ask for favors in time, is it not equally irrational to ask for favors in eternity? Then wily pray for spiritual benefits any more than for temporal favors? Supplication is the soul of worship. God wants us to ask for everything we need in this life and in the next. "Whatsoever you ask in My name He will give you." He wants us to pray always. It is the one great end of this life of trial. God has placed us under a dispeusation of want. Beeause we want ahvays we would have to pray always. When our first parents sinned !they made the mistake of supposing i that they could get along without God. i'ro denlonstrate the bhmder and to !make the demonstration everlasting He caused them to want, and their want wa to pursue them to the end of "time. "Thou shalt earn thy bread by the sweat of thy hrow." "Thorns and thistles shall spring np in thy path." "Dust thou art, and unto dust thou shalt return." God, in His fnflnite mercy, made us pool' and weak and I needy. If we (lil not need Him we i would not think of Him nor pray to t Him nor love .lim. Professor Pearson does not disap- prove of prayer. It is good for the molly grubs. It distrscts us from our present ills. It is soothing to think of a joy, even though we know it is be- yond our reach. Bnt as for any actual effect, the prayer might Just as well be addressed to a stone. The prophets of old told the Pagans of their day that their gods had ears, but could not heal'; that they had eyes, but could not see; that they had feet, but could not walk--implying that the God of Israel, being a living God, had eyes and couht see; had ears, and could (hear; lind feet, and could walk. But what good for the worshipper of the i Go(i of Israel was it that his God could hear, see and walk, if He was in noth- ing influenced by what He saw or heard? The God of the Protestants is a God blind-folded, bound hand and foot by the inexorable law of necessi- ty. He would be a gpod God if He could; but He cannot. Catholics pray to God knowing that their rer is addressed to the King of Ages, and that it, reaches His ear before a;lvthing is made, for He is ves- lerdav lodav and forever. He is an I cterllal "is". A Catholh! who is tilter- I este[l in i;II eVCllt will 1]ray for it to fall ell( iis be dcsircs aftcr the cvetlt llas AN FNItOWMI'.'.NT I'OL[CY fn the MUT['AI, l,ll:I," IN. ('O OF N. Y Is the Ve'ry i,,st investment you could make (iccurrcd. if ll ix still ignoraut of it,' ------ just as fervently as hc did before, J* P Lavln $1.-- A.-.,.... Mt!'l't;AI+ I.[I,'l,: BI,IIA)ING kllov;inK that. his lU'ayer I)reeedcs ................ everything in I}w I)Ul'l)OSO of God. All [WASHINGTON MAP & BLUE PRINT thai ha: hal)l)cned, or will halq)cn iv, I COMPANY. the l'oslit of the one original a(.t of  Engineers and (otl's onlnil)olcnt will; but in Ilia( OllC[ Draughtsmen. will w,r,., inch(deal all the good wills cf J Plans Printed, all the i,eoph' \\;vim have ever addressed, . C. Parsons, Mgr. Phone Buff 1781. ,or who may .vet. address to ]lim a 600, 608,609,610and 611PacifleBlk. !l)rayol', ;i si:h a groau. Catholi(.s ....................... :know the laws of naturc and tin'Jr un- <.hal:g(+ttbh+nt,ss; but thcy llclievc (hal nol a hair of their lw;ld falls wilhout God's l.(,rlaissiml. Catholics ]lave failh, l'l'ilye l'lPss I'rotcstant aFe sl)iritmllizcd imgans.--\\;Veslern Walch- nHlll, (Continued From Page One.) tried the lh'el)ht(.e through wl/ich t had got into my hole. They then got into tln, ('hilnIley I)y a ladder to sound it with ttleir llamnwrs. Oil(! sail1 to another in Ill)" hearing: 'Might there riot [)o a 1)lae(? here for a ])erson to got down into the wall of the chim- ney below by lifting up this health?' 'No.' answered one of the pudsnivants, 'yell Collld not get down that way into lhe (,hinlney underneath; lint there might easily be an entrance at the back o1' this chimney.' So saying, he gave the place a gick. I was afraid that hc wonhi hear the hollow sound of the hole where I was. "Seeing that their toil availed them nought, they thonght I had escaped sonic]low: all(] so they went away at the end of four (lays, leaving the mis- tress and her servants free. When the doors were made fast. the mis- tress came to call me--another fear days' buried Lazarus--from what wouhl have been my tomb had the search continued a little longer; for I was all wasted and weakened as well with hunger as with want of sleep, and will( having to sit so long in such a narrow place."* Some four or five years subsequent- ly Father Gerard again narrowly es- caped his pursuers. He had mounted to the hiding-place, which was arrang- ed in a secret gable of the roof, and closed the trap-door behind him; but couht not open the door of the inner hiding place, which bad been con- structed for double security; so that he would infallibly have been taken had not the pursuivants found a lay- mall, whom they carried off, mistak- ing him for a priest, and so desisted from further search.--The Ave Maria. OUR EXCHANGES. Publishers of Catholic journals shouhl make a note of the following advertisement to be found in "Prin- ters' Ink": Cuts for anti-Catholic book. Sensational. Send proofs. A P. A,, care "Printers' ink." It is needless to suggest their duty in the premises. That would be like insulting their intelligence.--Church Progress. In answer to the objection that as many converts can be won to (be Church by the indirect method of the Catholic mission as by the direct non- Catholic mission of the new Apostol- ate, the missionary produces statistics to show that at forty-two Catholic missions the number of converts was 109, and at seventeen non-Catholic mis- sions the number was 645.--Inter- mountain Catholic. The Whitney-Hay wedding was the special social event in the nation's capital last week. President Rues- volt drank to the health and happiness of the bridehis premier's daughter. But it does not appear that Mr. Cleve- land sent his felicitations, though the bridegroom's father was his secretary of the navy. Now the dealers in futuri- ties are busying themselves with the question as to the politics of the young Whitneys, should any appear. Will they be democrats or Republicans? Will they be poets like Mamma and Grandpa Hay, or financial princes like Grandpa Whitney, who counts his mil- lions by his years?--Union and Times. Phone 3ames $0! Cb ,.. LJ t.  X2 ,. XU i tk. d. /te-p tlJ Oi Printing and iO 0i 0i JOHN J. POWER GENERAl. CONTRACTOR. Box 4, Builders' Exchange, N. Y. Blk. Residence, 813 Tenth Ave., Seattle. Telephone Pink 1041. Mrs. A. G. Boyle ...Plan010rt... LESCttETIZSKY M]THOD. 1545 Twelfth Ave. South. Phone Black 41. T. L. Dabney. M.C. Conley. 4t8-DABNEY & CONLEY -4m Buys, Sells and Exchanges Both NEW AND SECOND-HAND Household Goods Of Every DescrlpUon at the BIG SECOND-HAND STORE, 418 Pike St. 8cattle, Waoh. cx:xcxcxxx: Love is Business. 1 If a man loves a girl, That's his business. If a girl loves a man, 8 That's her business. If they marry each other, That's their business. If they want good light, That's our business. Are we right? The Seattle Electric (0tony, 907 First Avenue. 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The been u past f sults, = have b The be at] at that myer membe Govern CATH ]Last its sect quarter quarter several best in to the c ah(l th the me number the cha In or of a 1)( is bein ship dt quarter. in this l)lacatie ing, wh McDona ber, Mr St. Pan Ttss( i ne " double the men increase followin plicatio A. R. I