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February 12, 1904     Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 12, 1904

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THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS. galbOIl Progress WEEKLY. Ot- 2ad floor, Metropolitan BIck. |rd and Main. TELEPHONE Mai :.28. aoctlonef' by Bishop O'Dea. EW |blll*ed March, 1899. ......... 2=C-- ........................................ t O the  " Catholic IblOceI e and the gathering of Catholic Imwlk lr.  IVERS, A. J. BOOKMYER, publish- Potter. Rainsford, Lymon Abbot, Ed- ward Everett Hale,and the rest. Prot- estantism ewes Spencer and the evolu- tionists a debt of gratitude for tldrty years of good service and the fact oi its rescue from utter destruction, and Rev Jones is speedily ungrateful to its dead hero and savzar. WESTERN INSANITY. Dr. William White, superintendent of tile Government Hospital for tile m'a ,,nd proprietors. Insane, has prepared a map showing .................................................... the distribution of insanity in the $1.50 Per Year. 60 Per Oopy. United States; and, says the Phlladel- News matter is uoliclted. Matter for bUcatiou should reach the editor by ednesday of each week to insure pub- iicatlon on the following Friday. REMITTANCES. Remittances should be mode Dy poet- since or express money orders, drafts or res- ISted letters and made payable to The Prosren Publishing Company. Subscribers removing from one place to anotlr, and desiring papers changed, gllooid always give former ae well as pree- eat address. NOTICE. No one is authorized to collect mone Dr subscriptions or advertisements or to 10licit for the name without showing a Written power of attorney, signed by the Mlitor. Advertis'ug rates will be given on ap- plication. he Catholic Progress is prioted and subliebed every Friday by The Progress Publishing Company. ii ii I*OPtC hEO ON THE CATHOLIC PRESS. phia Public LoGger, "llke uany census officials, Dr. White discourages the practice of drawing conclusions from bunches of undigested statistics, but there are certain facts which stand out clearly" Among these facts the Doctor finds that insanity is most prevalent in the New England States, and that. 'in the Pacific Coast States--Californm, Ore- gon and Waahingtontbe insanity rate almost reaches that of New England." And just here tile learned Doctor in- troduces in his conclusions a personal equation of his that might help to land him in an institution near Tacmna, should he ever come to this portion of the country. He says: "This apparent aberration is explain. ed by the theory that the settlers of Calilfornia and the coast were of tbe class of riffraff and cranks and wild eyed men who followed in the wake ot A Catholic newapaper rn a parish is a loald wlzarA,= tha W a,l.*, M'nn,to;, erpetual mlmdon. Let all who truly and[". ' "'-'.'.;:'y.."''. ....... . [ron their scum desire that religion undertakes ann ne Mloote wes were se- society defended by homan intellect and]tied by tim h.rdv .nd il ot,- literature should flourish, strive by thelr ....... t the C.b hess mlnoe(l men wno iounueu new liberality to guard and protec .- $11c pre, and lat every one States with tbe sane and sensible pur- aim raceme support mere w,tn ms money ............. evot poaoa o wmnmg a sure nVlmOOO rom gad Influence, for to those who d e emzelves to the Catholic press we ousb :mother earth. In other word, they S "" meone to bring helps of this kind wi* it which their industry will either no resultS or uncertaio and miser- . ees. POPE LEO Xlll, llh. )1' O'DIA'S EN)ORSEMENT OF THE CATHOLIC I'ROGRESI. s * * "The (Catholic) Progress has on a grand work, fraught with the great- &d. May it continue under tht p.p- ir guldaoce, remain within the naturalnm- it .and without sacrifice of the Identity of Catholic teaching, feeling and opinion, and will prove a powerful factor for good, .,0th for the Y. M. I. and the whole churck ,,t the great Northwest. "'EDWARD J O'DEA, "Blsho of Nenqually" ! TO OUR SUBSCRIBERS. l- If The Oatholie Progress fails to roach you in du time ple report the delay to this Gifts. Telephone The following la the order of the Forty Hours' devotion to I obnerved in tb.e Diocese of Nelually: February. First Sunday--Centerville. Second Sunday--Spokane, St. Aloy- glus. Third Sunday--Tacoma, St. LeG's. Fourth Sunday--Spokane, Sacred Heart Hospital. HERBERT SPENGER. were not of tile class from which ' ' rain bow chasers are recruited." REV. W. D. IMONDS REPLIES. Nothing has afforded us more pleas- cure this week than the letter from tev. W. D. Slmonds, who flatly denies the statements in the news item in the Times of February lst., in which he is made to say that Catholics as weil as Mormons should be closely ques- tioned in assuming public office. His reply _'ought to satisfy all who were misled by the item oz by our comment. His vzgorous language has the right ring in it, and we congratulate him on his sound and patriotic declarations. We herewith give his letter in fall: Seattle, Wash.,Feb. 9, 1904. Edztor, Tile Oatholic Progzass. Dear Sit :--I have received a copy of The Catholic Progress of Feb. 5th, 1904. I note your editorial, and arti- cle signed P. P. Carroll,relative to my reporcel remarks at Everett. Will you in simple justice give me space enough to say that I have been com- pletely and absurdly misrepresented ? I believe that every law abiding cit- izen, Catholic or Protastant, Mormon t t Infidel, duly elected to public office in the United States, should be per- mitted to discharge the duties of that office without question as to his reli- gious opiuions. More tllan that, I can even though a strong desire exists to fathom the depth of faith and myste. ry. It is a fact, however, that tile fash- ion is to delve into the abstract mysti- cisms independent of the guidance that religion offers and the result is dis- traction. When the mind wanders be- yoed the natural supports that exits in matter and philosophy it loses its poise and tails a prey to v:garies self-sug- gested or evolved througll the delirium o! intangibility. Tim promise to find is/rom Him whose grace is necessary to recognize the light and gift of faith. By seeking independent of the help of faith and humility we are lead astray by our self-reliance and are lost in the mazes of confusion that end iu helpless infidelity. Fundamental prin oiples must be the basis of reason and these must also guide the mind in its desire to coordinate and cooperate with God's graee in the search for knowledge. Will is the support of reason and drives it throug a difficult and dangerous labyrinths where to hesitate means to fail. T3 allow it to flag in its duty is sure to set one to dreaming empty dreams and cmmlud- ing before a conclusion is reached which is tenable. The undertsanding must be ever alert that nothing be in. troduced foreign to the subject matter under consideration and then we may be sure truth will follow our effort. Will, memory and understanding are called the three divine gifts because it is god like to exercise them. Again tim world is filled with news of war. Navies and armies are em- ploying the tactics of destruction. Peaceful industry is forgotten and do- mestic habits have given place to the hardships and dangers of tile sgirmish line. The sturdy Russlan and the wily Japanese are face to face landing blows that will determine who shall dominate the lands and seas of Eastern Asia. The patron of peace and arbi- tration of a few years ago has become tile same intolerant and aggressive op. presser history paints her and poor lit. tie Japan patriotically says "thus far and no farther." The symI:atldes of the world are with the little island empire and if occasion offers an open- ing she will not fight her battles alone. There are mighty interests at stake that cannot be compromised for the sake of peace. Intervention would be meddling when both parties are averse to even a suggestion. Russia presents a bad case to tim world utter having organized the Hague conference and proclaimed to every race and people that the day of peace and arbitration was at hand. Her euoroachments upon Manehur] during the Boxer uprising have been maiutaned by an army, to the dis. comfit apd danger of Japan. There prepare us for celesisl companionship wlmn life is done, iqot only every son of Maryland has been saddened this week by the news of the disaster that befell the beautiful city of Baltimore, but every thought- ful man and woman of America de- nlores the loss and suffering that must follow the suspension of enterprise and industry, the destruction of capital and equipments. Baltimore is of spe- cial interest to Catholics as it is the home of the only American Cardinal and a city full of religious interest as well as of beautiful churches. The Monitor of an Francisco came to us tids week in a new dress. This following so soon after the magnificent jubilee ,lumber is a credit to the sus- tained enterprise of its publishers. The jubilee numbor is certainly the most artistic and complete special we have seen. Nothing could have added to its value, and for this and tile new- ness of the regular weekly issue we congratulate the Monitor. -raThe Pottawatomie Indians are busy manufacturing 200,000 brick to re- build the Sacred Heart mssion church the only Benedictine monastery in the United States governed dreotly from France. It is located near Shawnee, in Pottawatome Count% Oklahoma Territory. OFFICIAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF THE LENTEN REGULATIONS BY THE RT. REV. EDW. J. O'DEA, BISHOP OF NESUALLY. DIOCESE OF NESQUALLY. @ URING the approaching Lent, by special Indult of the Holy Father, the following regula- tions will be observed in the Dioaese of Nesqually: Flesh meat may be used stall meals on Sunday, and once on each d.-.y at l #le principal meal on tbe following days: On all Mondays, Tuesdays and l T, tmrsdays. Or all Saturdays, except Saturday I of Ember Week and Holy Saturday. Flesh ann fish are not allowed at i the same meal, even on Sundays. But, by virtue of an Indult of tim Sacred Penitentiary, dated January 9, 1899, persons dDpensed trom abstinence, on is a justifiable aitation account of sickness, are free to eat public flesh meat and fish at the same meal vance. (ELATERITE IS MINERAL RUBBER.) I00LATI00RITE ROOFINO takes the 1)lace of tar and'gravel, tin or sbingles; The .best for steep or fiat roofs and for valley work and decks as it is indestroucti.. ble. For sale in Seattle by BAKER & RICHARDS; THE SEATTLE HARDWARE CO. SPELGER & HURLBUT; ERNST BROS. and other dealers ELATERITE ROOFING O0. 'Phone Main.. 1569" Telephone Main 27 " The Homer M. Hill Publishing Co. Commercial Printers 50.5 Pacific Block R. SAflTORI & C(). Importers gnd De41ero la High-Grade WINES AND - LIQUOR| 115 Jamee treet. 114 Yceler Way, SEATTLE. WASH. ]U;Z00y[vt6y00l00 D0n'tExper00me n! When you get glasses of us they are right in finish, price, everything. \\;.''" Thousands testify We fit glasus scientl, to our a0ility. flcally. Tel. Jsm 1301. EVERSOLE OPTICAL CO., 708 2nd N.Y. B]'k B. C. Kenway R.B. Olark CLARK &----KENWAY ARCHITECTS ROOMS 513-514 MARION BLD'NG Cor. Second & Marion Street, Seattle DANCING CLASSES. Monday and Friday Prof. Wilison s Shool. Ranks Hall. Private lessons daily. woper age are bound to receive Holy Oommunma worthily. The annual collection for the Indian and Negro Missmns, will be made in all the churches of tile diocese on the hrst Sunday in Lent Tile proceeds will be forwarded as soon as possible to tile Chancellor. Our FIoly Father, the Pope, has en. joined that a collection be made in the various churches on Good Friday, or some other convenient day, for the Holy places in Palestine in care of the Franciscan Fathers. These collec- tions ,as well as others mentioned in the Statutes Of the Diocese, should be announced one or two Sundays in ad- , BRUSHES, ROBES 2. , CURRY COMBS HORSE BLANKETS I WHIPS ETC,, ETC. REPAIRING NEATLY DONE McSorley Henderson HARNESS AND SADDLERY 212 Occidental. Phone Main 749 $attk Phone Independent 652 F.J. DANEL Merchant TaiIor 217 Columdia St Seattle HARTLAUB'8 :.. : GENUINE He M E---MADE BllC41 BRAND "'.',2 u" For Sale by the leading Groeer.. ,a I SMITH DRUG CO. % PRESCRIPTIONS tl PHONE MAre 40:IND-49 ", Cur. 2nd & James, Seattle  A. R. McLEOD DISTRIBUTOR. GRAND RIDGE NUT COA' and LUMP COAL of ALL KINDS,. Northwest corner o| Madison & Wesrn Ave phn nee.on"set s.. 976. .  H  o. Independent 976. T. L. DASNEY A.J. WOODHOUSI= DABNEY & WOODHOL bE Sole agents for the Ohaxter Oak STEEL RANGE. We Buy Sell and Exebapge HOUSEHOLD GOODS of every description, at the Big NEW K SECOND-HAND STORES.. Tel. John 981. 418 & 500 Pike S. i[ COLLINS BROS. ,: Roy Owen Jones in the Sunday pa- : pere gives us a "true estimate" of Herbert Spencer's pinloaoply and suc- ceeds on tile whole in his attempt, al- thougli tile int oductory description of the author's "estimata" is ratber boastful. Horace's "Quid dignum tanto ferret lue promissor hlatu?" in- voluutarily comes to mind at Ins words: "It shall be as impartialas the ii solar rays, as straightforward as the eagle's flight, aud so all-embracing as o comprehend this world and the next, things visible and invisible. things present and things to come." Whew  I [ In tim following lines, which we quote, Rev. Jones does, indeed, say something worth listening to about Spencer and the philosophers: "The heaviest criticism of all tiiat can be brought against Herbert Speu- cer and his philosopi)y is the fact that 'r. he shut up the grandest avenue of all truth, namely, that of revelation. No scientist or philosopher can with im- punity ignore tim facts of revelation. It is extremely unscientific to do so. All tim greatest scientists will accept facts, wltatever be their nature. Tile facts el revelation, the acceptance of the,n by the best men the world ires evar seen, and the effects thereof upon the lives of those who accept them, are real entities, which may be observ- ed by any man who has an eye to look at them ..... To talk all tile while about evolution, and to lose sight of the evolution of a perfect man, is a mark of a mind widoh cannot see any spiritual truth. The psychic man can- not receive tim things of the spirit of God, because they are spiritually dis. corned. ' About this very true criticism of Spencer we have only two things to say. The first is that this Protestant preacher is here stealing the thunder of tle Catholic Chuehthunder which Protestantism mght have made use of during tim past thirty years, but did not,'-- thunder, which the Catho- lic Church was, during tilat time, laughed to s0orn for using. In tha second place, it ill becomes a Protestant divine, hard on tim death of Spencer, to attack cue whosa teach- ings the Protestant religion almost universally embraced as an artzole of faith. Witness the Protestant univer- sities of the world, witness the leaders of the Protestant church in Amerioa-- LEITHEAD'S PHARMACY Dealer in pure Drugs First Aveeue & Marion Street. honestly say that I never made au at- tack, in Everet or anywl)ere else, up- on any Church, Christian or Pagan. Like all religious teachers, who arc earnest and honest in their work, I condemn those religious dogmas tilat I believe to be false, and otmmpion those that I believe to be true, but I do nt attack, either oimrones or individuals. I beheva that the dogma of r.he Infal- lible Church, whether held by Catim. lie oMormon, is false, and to the ex- tent of its influence, harmful, but I should never desirq to take from any man the smallest of his rights as a fel- low citizen because ]m held to a differ- ent opinion. Nor should I hold Ins loyalty or patriotism under suspicion, merely, on that ao0ount. Certainly, American Catholics, from the days of Washington to the present, flare given abundant evidence of timir willingness to defend on laud and sea tim flag we all love. Trusting tllat you will give this brief contmunioation place in the next issue of The Catholic Progress, and thanking you in advance for your cour- in so doing, I remain, Very respectfully yours, W. D SIMONDS, Minister, Unitarian Ghuroh. SEEK AND YOU StIALL FIleD. Trutb ] everywhere and may be among the teachers in the on fast da s schools arising from the scant wages Y" Custom tolerated by the Ghuroh paid and that ouly during nine months permits coffee, tea or chocolate, wilh o! he yea. When we remember the I a smll piece of bread, to be taken in hmit n the morning atio s of a teacher we must say  . .: ..... , , ....... : L)ustom allOW8 lffle use OI eggs, eug- (hey are umversany unuer al(1 AI1; i P " ",ter, cl,eeseandmi]k, at the evenin era faithful teacher has reaohel the J collation. age of forty or forty-five she is no I Th use of lard and dripl)ings is per. longer considered date and she i m/tted in tile preparation of ahstinenee is liable to be retired without a day's] food: ........ - I when r, ne prmozpat mea) can no DO notice. Let the teacimrs be beard and I tukeu ar midday, it may be taken in joiu in the demand fez better pay andl the evening, azd the collation in the some security in her position, mornicg.  The following persons are not oblig- ed to fast, viz: the sick and those in LENT feeble health; women nursing ohil- " dren ; all Who are engaged in labrinus and exhaustive oeoupatmns ; the young Next Wednesday Lent will' begin.' who h ve not completed their twenty- . . first year; and those who have resell- oer, sermus people will blos its ed the sixtieth year of their age. coming and enjoy the quiet and infer- Those who are excused from fasting real comforts of home, and may per- ou account of age or hard labor, may Ti)eRev. Rectors are requested to UNOERTAKER S have special Lenten Devotions on  Wednesdays and Fridays. The exer- Funeral Directors and Em- cises shall consist of the Beads, In- struction and Benediction on Wednes- balmers. days, and the Way of the Cross and Beuedietion on Fridays. , ,,I,407 Psrst Av... Phone Main 1029.. During tbe month of March, after the usual pz'ayors recited after Mass, i the following prayer will be recited: [[[V,.[/iTtlut.llll/V/-/,.Pll t,Udg. PRAYER T0 ST. JOSEPH. His Holiness, Leo XIII., August 15 nU;ERariR]nRe &of MaLa,j 1898. Unacrtakere' Goods. Prepar mg eou]es for shipment'a specialty. All To thee, O blessed Joseph, we have orders by telephone or tc egraph prompt." recourse in our affliction, and, having ly attended to. Parlors Thlrd Avenue end' implored the help of thy thrice holy ColUmbia Strce" Phone Main ]3. Seattle Woeo. Spouse, we now with hearts filled with confidence, earnestly beg thee al- so to take us under ti)y protection. By ,h|" 8]:1 8rd A v' that charity, wi)erewith thou wert John Cou Ifl united to the Immaonlate Virgin, I||. Practical Mother ot' God, and by that fatherly PIumber and Gas Fitter love with which thou didst cherish the Contractor for Ghihl Jesus, we beseech thee and we Steam and Hot Water Apparatus and:, Imps see in its institutim., much wis- domaud physical economy. But it has a significance for the Catholic that may well enago his mind . Lent has a memory that is sacred, for in its ob- servance we are conforming ill a slight measure to the example set by the Savior of the world. For him that seriously believes in Christ as he Son of God, the Redeomar and our Judge, use flesh meat more than once on the humbly pray, that thou wilt look down days on whie, h it is allowed. ' wzth graemus eye,upon that inherit- By an Iudult of our Holy Father, ance which Jesus Christ purchased by Plus IX., the soldiers and seamen in His blood, and wilt succor us in our the United States' service have onlYlneed by thy power and strength. De- six days of abstinence during tile year, ! fend, O most watchful guardian of the Ash Wednesday;the last three days Holy Family, the ohosen offspring of of Holy Week; the Vigil of the As- Jesus Christ. Keep from us, O most sumpiion of the Blessed Virgin Mary; loving Father, all blight of error and the Vigil of Christmas. corruption. Aid us from on high, This dispensation does not exe, mpt most'valmnt defender, in this conflict from the law of fasting, with tim power of darkness. And even Byanothezindult of the ]Sth of as of old thou didst rescue the Ohild Hot Air Furnaces. Phones Main 295 & Ind. R I809 818 THIRD AVE. SEATTLE;. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS. A GOOD INCOME CAN BE SECURED seen through the eyes of faith, and may be experienced by all who have the simplicity of heart to atcept it in humility. Truth is a bahn to the un- derstanding, and its satisfying and quieting effect makes the heart exult and desire to magnify tim source and power from wioh it springs. The complete surrender to the emotion and fervor which it inspires has made the Christian centuries memorable and left us the example of thousands of heroic lives. Arrogant, vain and material. istio minas have little or no capacity for abstract or supernatural truth be- cause all things must be resolved into it is a season of grace. ' It calls for a contemplation of the plan of salvation, for our deepest sympathies in the suf- fering both physical and meutal that our Lord endured. We do not ap- proach an estimate of the humiliation tl)at He svffered, for we only consider how we should feel such contempt, such abuse, such undeserved taunts and hardships. To fully appreciate, multiply our senmbihties by infinity and timu we measure the degree of suffering. To understand how great oorelated causes and effects. Seeing compassion our Savior bad to pray for i ,,o, ,o.. given we must become more spiritual where is the cause? Tile skeptic looks [ than tins world permits out upon this infinite beauty and ex- " pnse an,] sees no cause; he believes The Ohurch imposes abstinence and it a matter of chance which is a great- fasting that we may by restraint get er tax upon fattl than the belief in real possession of ourselves and by Him who created all. The mind that shuts zts eye to thls wonderful work of God is not likely to look into the book of books for direction and narra- tion that leads to a knowledge of the superuaturalaad to a faith in the teachings of the Church which is the divinely authorized teacher of men. Humihty and grace go hand in hand and come not to the faithless mind practicing strict discipline he able to resist temptation and sin in any form. Prayer s one ot tbe requirements in keeping the lenten season in tim spirit of the Church. Fasting, prayer and almsgiving have a softening influence on our hard natures that will make us more fit Lor human society as well as March, 1895. the Holy See has given for 10 years to the Bishops of the Uni. ted States, the faculty of dispensing,in favor of worRing people from the law of abstinence on certain days. By virtue of this indult and dispen- sation of Lent, we permit working men to use flesh meat once a day ou all fast and abstinence days of the year, except Fridays; Ash Wed- nesday, Wednesday and Saturday n Holy Week and the Vigil of Christ. mas. Tbe above dispensation is granted not only to workiogmen and women, but also to timir entire families. It is eminently in accordance witl: the spirit of the @hutch, that all those v, ho use the dispensations front the fast and abstinence, should supply, iu pm t, the spirit of penance, by prayer and almsdeeds; by avoiding, durin Lent, all public shows, parties and amusements, and by abstaining from all intoxicating beverages. The Reverend Pastors will, with their usual zeal, afford every oDpor- tnnity and facility to their people of complying with their religious obliga lions.during the Holy Season. The Paschal time extends from the first Sunday of Lent untii Trinity Sunday, inclusive, during which time all Catholics who have attained the ! Jesus from tim peril of His life, so now defend God's Holy Ohuroh from the snare of the enemy and from all adversity. Shield us ever under tlly patronage, that, imitating thy exam- ple and strengthened by thy help, we may live a holy life, die a happy deatll, and attain to everlasting bliss iu heaven. Amen. Indulgence of 7 years and 7 quaran- tines' each time this prayer is said. We also request the Reverend Cler- gy to read, in the vernacular, to the people, the Gospel for each day durit g Lent, and that this be done at the Ho- ly Mass every morning. We order the above Lenten regula. tions to be read and explained to the people on the Sunday preceding Ash Wednesday next. Given at Seattle, Wash., January 26th, i904. 7"' t  ...... :,  "/ (Whole or spare ttme. AGENTS Male or female.) Cecal waken and con- |taut employment oa4 be earned by LtelILgeut. WANTED 1'he New DJamond Gold Pen superior to the best by an Gold Nibs cost ONE: *,10NT00 only 00o,n,a finished like Dlamondt, - . Shape. One nlb will lagt fo. Manulacturer.00a, -u.,,. for the Advantages of the new Diamond Pen: Beautiful New Diamond toueh--00lido smoothly over the papermake writing a pleasure-- G01d Pen lmprove in use--00ur-. able  non-corrodible-- UVt: ywllu--r-'"'-re one nib will last longer than grosses of steel nibs. Every man woman, or child should use the new Diamond Pen. To start at once send 40 cents (stamps. wlll do) for Agents' Sample Box, or one Dollar for large size Sample Box post free by return to all r,arte of the world with particulars of the best pay- ing agency. Standard Corporation, Diamond Pen Works ,o 00o.oo. c.' JIN L1LLtIN ), (Postage for letter 6 cents.) 1 ] TELL THEM YOU SAW IT IN THE CATHOLIC PROGRESS.