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Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 9, 1962     Catholic Northwest Progress
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February 9, 1962

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00'u00en' r""""''""""'"'"'"'"""-n'l' (,C,e'rYFOeTHe ConesBased Honor Rolls Announce d..i. ,PICTURES .  . " _ ' t t On Encyclical a:! ne g r l!meisi  t Ugwdr:ai:  )? i hee :?;:n:; :lttle Prep s semes tiri'ii'l'l ' "lr'"RP'l'tr '= and Mre Pictures for all acjes' the very YUng' and -II I I CINCINNATI, Feb. 5.--(NC) ' " :i "':" ' i'? ." ," '!" ""' :'/'- . . ! the Young at Heart, for old-fashioned homes or the [] ." strictly modern home. Many types of frames to -" I Il' J -'-'''-' --Johannes Brahms and an as princip sIs f Seat tle P1:ep and Thesenior and sophomore S OPltOMOR,,:S: choose from. yet unknown student-poet will Forest Ridge. The honor stu- classes tied with 22 apiece, tel- Marl, Boulanffer. William I =--l Christine, Michael (;ladyeh, We have: Whaf Happened to Your Hand. a# J/t00 #mt/t collaboirate on a new official Thomas Carman, Kenneth Day- Salvadore Dali's Mother of Perpetual Help. i i hymn for the 20th national con .... A' Forest Ridcje 6 The hono roll inc[ude: ,,.ck John lh)rt .... Thomas Kel- The Crucifixion Dimensional Pictures of +he SENI()I{S: Icy, John Merrill. Vincent Malhdly. Jollo Oak- The Last Supper end Sacred Heart. Head of Christ ven.tion of the Catholic Stu- Eight students at Forest M i c h a e I Baechler. ])aniel hLnd. Patrick Reagan. David Christ of Salnt" John of and the Immaculate Heart. lETrl :Stl:7;:;; couiler. Michael Cramer, Gerahl Rayed, Richard aun(lers. Den- i The Cross. Lighed pit,urea and Prayer dents Mission Crusade, to be Ridge Convent have received Farley, Patrick Flcege, William his Sctl,'ely, ,lames Silva, MicA- Soloman's Head of ChrlsL Pictures for +he very youncj held August 23-26 at the Univer- fourth academic ratings--high- Hudson, Jerry ICava, Gary La- =tel Sl,ltero. Paul Taylor, Victor Flare. Tim Meehan, David VVa.llin:. ]larry Wildgen, Rich- Pope John XXIII. one's room. sity of Notre Dame. est given by the high school--at Mitchell. i the completion of the second Michael MeChesney, Eugene ard Wright. Sacred Heart and he Give a Gift" Cerqflcefe for ple- McGratlL ])avid Oakland. M. V. leI{EIIM,EN: Immaculate Hearf. A contest is under way to quarter. O'Connell, Patrick Ogle, Gregory Allen Andrl[s, John Biota, The Last Supper. lures if you don't care to choose one for thm special Rockwell, Charles Schneider, Joe ]!'(,rest Brooks, ,loAn Caroey, Saint Thomas Aquinas. friend. January 28 was the llth World Leprosy Day find words to fit a passage Marcia Waldron, a senior, Shepherd, Michael Stua. rt, Craig Corkery, Philip DeBels, The Cardinals Portrait. which is celebrated to raise funds and to inspire other from Brahms' Symphony No. 1 was given the scholastic medal Thomas Trebon, Jack Urqu- Thomas DiJoseph, Philap Fou- in C Minor, using thoughts ex- for the highest average, hart. James Warme. herr. James Gillinffham. Gefhsemani. Put Them in Our tayaway aid for the millions of victims of this disease who can pressed by His Holiness Pope The honor roll includes: JUNIORS: ThomasRichard Hilt,(;uzz'TerryJhn thlneoCk,LaBrie, M. of Olives. for Christmas T,aurencc Blain, Dennis De- I.arry I.eBrun, (;re=; ]aFlam. ! ==='==' now be cured if timely aid is brought to them. John XXIII in his encyclical Iv ACADEMIC: Mille Roger Fritz, Rohert Her- Gerard LaSalle, Larry Lee, John Phyllis Case, Gretcilen Ger- vey, Richard Hendrlckson, Ken- tinder. ' ! There are abeut 15,000,000 people in the world who are "Mater et Magistra." hard, Mary Glass, Virginia ,,et h Hupf, Barney Hyde, Earl Harold ,,,,. Mc Greeting Cards For All 0ccusi0ns suffering from leprosy and of their number only about 2,500,000 Sister Mary Joeline, head of Grady, Ann Hcrswill, Ly.nna Lane. Coy, Tim Mclntash. John Miteh- | Madscn, Anne ]Pammcnt and JosephMcKelvey, Royal Mar-elI, JoimMoen, JohnNaughton, The K t--auger are receiving medical care. The fact that about 1,125,000 patients the music department at Our Marcia IValdron. Ted O'Donnell, John Petrie, James Palloy, David Read. i Co III ACADEMIC: India To Repair ,re,cry Reeves, Greg Schiller, have been cured of the disease should inspire aid for the others Lady of Cincinnati College, Lorilee Bin-car, Mary Byrnc, Mike Sorensen, Cllarles Swart, who are waiting to be helped. More than 12,000,000 are thus adapted the music. Glenna Franklin, Kathleen Gets- David Tayh)r. Rcl,ert Taylor, ghty, Sharon Hynes, Ann Me- Damaged Church Michael Tomaso. ])ennis Wil- waiting but leprosy without care does not wait. World Leprosy CSMC officials are offering Klnstry, Mary Ellen McKinstry liams. Michael W,,od, Thomas ! CATHOLIC SUPPLY HOUSE and Danielie Sullivan. DAMAN (NC)--India's civil Yagle. Day was inaugurated by Raoul Follereau in 1954 and it is now $50 plus an American plan lI ACADEMIC: administrator in Daman has . Established 1904 observed annually. In his message to the Happy Youth of the (meals included) convention Barhara Bell, Janet Blain, assured Archbishop James i Lallrie Burton, Marie nlltenko, S World, Mr. Follereau makes this ringing appeal: ticket to the author of the best Ann Codling, Yuriko Fajisaki, Knox, Apostolic Internuncio to H A R   The Old Reliable Catholic Book Store Namy Gribble, Margaret Hagen, India, that the Indian govern- SEATTLE: 1904 Fourth Avenue, MAIn 2-4173 "In the 20th century of the Christian era, I have found them hymn along the following lines: Kathleen Hopps, Kathleen Kelly, ! "The world is waiting for Karen Klein, ;lean Magnano, meat will restore the pro- (Incorporated) TACOMA: 744 Broadway, MArket 7.2702 in prison, in insane asylums, shut up in a disused cemetery, Robin Schroedel and Barl)ar cathedral in Daman. Stores Also in Spokane and Portland parked in the desert with barbed wire, watch towers, and the teachings of the Church, Walch. HARRY F. AROLD I ACADEMIC: The' edifice was damaged IAN LAIN@ MALCOLMSON machine guns to guard them. Lepers? I have seen them naked, our 'Mother and Teacher.' Dorothy Anstett, Joan APl)le- when Indian troops marched Jewei emd $tlvecamltl starving, howling, desperate. I have seen them with their sores The young people of the baragate' ,Tames,StephanieRoseEdWards'Ann Kinney,Bar- into Daman a week before crawling with flies, living in filthy hovels, with the medical Church are the bearers of Deirdre Knowles, Isabel MeNeI- Christmas to seize the enclave Diamond Merchanfs REGISTER YOUR WEDDING NOW Its, Janet Nelson, Mary Ann from Portugal. "Th= Groom's Suit Is Rental Free," stores empty and the wardens carrying rifles. I have seen an these teachings." The conclu- Roseltint, Susan Shannon and FINE WATCHES unimaginable world of horror, pain and despair, sion is to be "a prayer for Rosemarie Vacano. Archbishop Knox came here BROCKLIND'S to visit Portuguese soldiers in- GLASSWARE Formml Wear Rentals "Is that going to last. Shall we let them die, perish, these 15 the guidance of our young ---A Seaffle Prep terned by the Indians. Some of 511 Pine St., Seattle IN $|ATTLE millions of human beings, when we can treat them, save them, people." Ninety-eight students, includ- the 500 Portuguese soldiers MA. 2-5033 9th and Olive MU. 2.10191 4716 Umlversify LA. 4.4100 cure them? The contest closes March 15. ing 38 freshmen, have been were recovering from wounds. IN TACOMA: 121$ SelNb Tacoma W=lt' WafR. 2-8215 "That is the question we must ask... Copies of the music and re- "You will answer it by bringing to this immense demonstra- quirements may be obtained by tinnfhnmaa solidarity yonr support and your love" Without sending 12 cents in stamps t  D  Ui  thinking, of course, that on the evening of this day your duty is the CSMC National Center, 5100 , |, J' , completed... Shattuc Ave., Cincinnati 26, "It is not enough to love one day in the year." Ohio. Fides, January 1962 LEGAL NO-d ES r YOUR GUII?E TO DELICIOUS FOOD AND COURTEOUS SERVICE THEODORE P. CUJIINGS 1008 Olympic Nttianal Bldg., Seattle 4. Wash .......................................................................... j COME AS " ARE i e{orkk Attorney for Adminlatra.trix IN TIlE SUPERIOR COURT OF S EA HORSE *['he State of Washington for Dine King County ]n the Matter of ,:he Estate of THE today af J-[ fin. RICflARD JACOBS, Deceased. In Probate. No. 152243. Notice of Sale of Real Estate. BUDHICK'S \\;%-/restaurmlts NOTICE 1S HER]BY GIVEN "--'all (erlown that Marilyn Jacobs, in her ee- l)nelly as admlnistratrix of the 1245 4th Ave. South shove estate, will sell at private YES! We have Steamed Clams MA. ! 40 sale and for (,ash ,r on terms the " followtn real estate: and "The Finest Lobster" l. Budnick's is gay and p'easan'lt DUBLIN H,U,USE the ultimate in atmosphere .... and fine dining " Entertainment Nightly MA 3.7340 (a) Beginning at a point, which You Have Ever Eaten bears south 8939'31" west 420 every day[ You enjoy the feet and south 1418'55" west savory cuisine of Chef Kes- 360.06 feet from the northeast "CAPTAIN'S TABLE SMORGASBORD" corner of Government Lot 4, FRIDAY NIGH1 sler--he clean decor Sha$ Section 34, Township 22 North. EVERY WEDNESDAY. 6 to 10 P.M. Range 4 East W.M., Jn King SEAFOOD MENU master fully combines con- TV'O-THIRDS of the world's people go to bed hungry cnunty, Washington, and running temporary and French Im. thence South 89o39'3] " West 10.33 OCEAN-FRESH SEAFOODS WED. NIGHT every night. This child, suffering from malnutrition, is one reet: thence North 70o49'20 " West ,PRIME RIB ROAST TURKEY pressionisf  and of course, of them. But he cannot be helped unless you do something 446.26 feet to the center of the the hearty cordiality of Dick County Road; thence along the CHOICE BROILED STEAKS COCKTAILS, of course to raise the annual per capita contribution of each Ameri- center of county Road South Budnick a n d h is capable can Catholic to The Society for the Propagation of the 9a0'40" ' west 210 feet; thenee South .58"39'00" E:ast 4,4.1'7 feet; Live Music Organ and Piano crew of dlnlng room spe- lark's r.RRBRPPLE Faith from twenty-seven cents. This child could theu be thence North 14"18'55" Frost 318,81 COCKTAILS iali,. Ban appeH! feet to the point of beginning, Nightly Table Lounge COCKTAILS suburban dining exce//ente.. treated in one of 10,000 hospitals and dispensaries and FXCEPT a strip of ]and 10 feet in GL'4-6344 housed and cared for in one of 2000 orphanages, width on the southerly and east- ,,te,,ol ..... erly sides for road purposes, and Family Sunday Dinners, ]2 fo 9 p.m. in he Charcoal Broiler Nightly EXCEPT a strip of land 15 [eet "Speclml P[aes for Children" CHEZ PAREE ROOM Cocktails in width on the Westerly side for March For Peace County Road. (Being known as BREAKFASTS-- BANQUETS  LUNCHEONS Bellevue Shopping Center Tract 14, Star Lake Five-Acre JOHN MANCHESTER, England, (N- Tracts, according to the unre- OPEN corded plat thereof.) C)--Teenege Catholic students FA. 6-4883 7 Days Week MUKILTEO Distinctive Continental Broiler Entertainment Nightly 00arprt 1628 5th Ave. MA 3-5226 (b) Beginning at a point which ee A NIELSON marched through this city car- hears South 8939'31 " West 420 ........................................................................ CRAWFORD'S o/ Old ..-.J' rying banners saying "Pray for ,eet, South 14"18'55" west 360.06 SEAFOOD M, KI feet, South 8939'31 " West 10.33 WEst u-n:' ualified mea ouer Peace." They are members of feet and North 7049'0 " West 446.26 feet from the Northeast .nd mlna(jer cu,s only a local Catholic "Prayer for corner o Government Lot 4, Fine Food Section 34, Township 22 North,  HOMESTEAD Peace" group who are trying Range 4 East, W.M.. said point: 2717 61st S.W. being In the center of the County E  t, cJ r a d e d C H O [ C E ." to form a national s t u d e n t Road; thence south 1910'40" Wet 0 eet; thence North 589,00,, DELIGHTFUL ATMOSPHER , by praying for peace, shore of star ake: thence aong AItD YOUR FAVORITE WIItE the shore of Star Lake in a menL Recenly when ...... ............................... Northeasterly direction to a point lorks 4 i Nightly he was msked for some RE-EL,CLARENCBF. the point of beginning: thence NORTHGATE South 7049'20 " East 80 feet, more  r"assa- less. to the point of begirming. OTHGAT, SHOpP,NGCENTER mea was Lake Terrace Dining Room CHICKEN 4 C[TING ROOMS wild boar he xcPT a strm of lad 0 feet in width on the southerly side for ready and willing $o road purposes and EXCEPT a Ample Parking PRIME RIB FOR DINING FUN strip 15 feet In width on the Weekdays, 5:30 o 9:30 Sunday Open I P.M. COCKTAILS getherEaster]y side for eounty road; to- /, with shore lands of the 7850 Green Lake Drive N. -- LA 3-5929 or SU 2.2318  STEAKS h u nn g I f yOU A good man,to KEEP on the g 0 " ' City Council' Position No. i second class situated in front of, know Of any choice " " (Being known as Tract 15, Star ",pecia, Children's Dinner" i  DOLL SHOW t,, the unrecorded plat thereof, grade wild boars run- Lake Five-Acre Tracts, according TOGETHER with second class Wed. thru Sat. 5 to 9 I mlllJllJll n[ng loose nearby, call June '|, 2Z. 23 and 94. shore(c) Beginning]ands adJoining.)at a point which" , .' ..... SUNDAY 1 TO8 1 l.ll bears South 8939'3V ' West 420 [ John a fhe 11 =.m. to 9 p.m. I Ample Parking feet from the Northeast corner ' MASONIC TIMPL I  Government Lot 4, Seer|on :}4, 00ythe 9./,tzTJ/.00 Township 22 North, Range 4 East, .1 li00i00l00Av_ - [[ ForEDMONDs6th and DaytOnEntrYCaliReservions . ]1W.M., and running thence South446.26thenceSOUth14O18,55,,road; thencefeet8939'31"nrthWeStt alongthe360'067049'20 "westcentersaidfeet;10"33ofcentercountywthencefeet;e Soft [BUCKET ' AOAI il lltll MAin 4-4097 feet whosetangentatthispoint [ rUUI/LIIILR I .,w.., and6 p.m. right having a radius of 100.52 serFe0000-7 ACRES OF CLAMS bears north 1910'40 " East a dis- A 145th & Bothell Way Edmonds Doll Hospital tance of 87.12 feet; thence tan- north 68o50'00 " east 390.41 feet to CLA IEI dlnig or Cocktails Wt the _ I 9003- 233rd S.W. gent to said last described curve I 98.14 feet to the point of begin- R Old nlng, EXCEPT a strip of land 10 ,y,. 7_]0 /eet in width on the easterly side I V T for road purposes and FXCEPT ........... OpeII:JOa.ra. tog.m. 'l a strip of land J.5 eet wide on the westerly side and 30 feet wide UNPARALLELED I ==== 4th ,, on the north side for county road. (Beingknown as Tract 16 of Star '1-051 Lake Five-Acre Tracts, according ;.I ---OrJ t FOR GOOD FOOD } :::}! ........................... m::::::: ::::::: ::: ::::::::::: ::::::::::::: :::: :::::::: ::: =.:,:.: :.:, ...:...:.:.:.:,>:...:,.:,.:,:.,.,,:.\>:..,:+:.:.::.:.:,,. ..................................... over(d) Anthateasementportion fOrof privateGovernmentroad :" JUMBO''"  & ATMOSPHERE I ':':' Be a G00dNeighb0r Lot 4, section 34, Township 22 !! North, Range 4 East, W.M., de- | 'l ,SO I FOOT O' MADISON STREET scrlbedasfolh)WS:Beginning IL -- -- : LAFID at the northeast " VV$" "7 " ght i iii corner of said Government Lot; thence south 0o37'30 " West 368.392 )il]i::ii Turrl 011 Your Porch LI feet to the true point of begln- :.::;ili;ili: Seattle families are na Ig from i::!::iii::iiiiiiiil ning: thence North 0o37'30 " East I Bring the Family I oCRERATIES! "--"] - 00oOO00west 00o0000lfeet: thenCefeet: souththence89009'00l"00auth " " i}!iiiii!ii!!! lights, and you can join this friendly iiii!iiii!i! Norththe true89%point39,.31,,of beginningE, a s t ; thencebears these firms, listed in the I! Weparties,Cater famiiyt large OtqreupsSmallor Ii in ar'$g;rwe Use U. S. Gov't .Beet II .............. . ,,,o,. for less than a penny a I receptions. I - rile BEST! I ............. "a";-" n:-'-Lgnt iii))i!i}}}iii North 8939'31. " East to the true point of beginning; EXCEPT the ,,,=,,.,,.,,Gurmef Lane,.  please i ,,:D.OW,, OW 'No, s" "' CEPT the West 10.00 feet In width -- -- -- & : -- -- The =ro-ress. cheerful greeting t,o your family and i)iiiiiiii}ili:iiiiii thereo[ for roads. (Being known as the north 20.O0 feet in width of tract 19 of Star i iii ;i::iiiiiiii! guests;to prevent accidents on steps i!!iil I Lake Five-Acre Tracts, according q ;;?:;;;: and walkways, and to discourage pos- to: the unrecorded plat thereof.), sible intruders all night tong. Be a good Washington,All situateto intheKinghighestCountY,and neighbor-turn on your porch light to- best bidder. Bids must be submit- : ted In writing and may be left night and every night, with the admlnistratrix at 1008 . : Olympic National Building, Seat- ii!ii!i!!iiiii!iiiiiiii00iiii! 4, Washington Bids may he i made for cash or on terms. Bids will be received until the day of sale and opened on 1.he day of sale. The sale will be made on February 27th, 1962. The admin- istratrix reserves the right to re- ject. any or all bids. Dated February 5th, 1962. First publication Feb. 9. 1962. MARILYN JACOBS Admlnlstratrix TII,X)DORE P. CUMMINGS Ai t ;R:s:u2r.antss e :to08 Olympic National Bldg. n Seattle 4, Washington Attorney for Administratrix Flnal 2-3-6-62